Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are digitally controlled labels that can be updated remotely. They display key product information and don’t require manual changes. ESLs communicate wirelessly with a central management system. This allows retailers to update pricing and product data in real-time. This helps ensure accurate and consistent information across all sales channels. While electronic shelf labels are commonly used in large retail stores, their benefits can also help pet stores optimize operations and enhance customer experience.


Pet Stores: Common Challenges


Pet stores have traditionally faced challenges with inefficient pricing strategies and unappealing product displays. Outdated pricing of pet supplies led to inconsistencies between tags and registers, resulting in confusion and disputes with customers. Static product displays can also fail to highlight promotions or attract pet parents. These issues negatively impacted sales and the in-store experience. Electronic shelf label products provide a solution by enabling real-time pricing updates and more dynamic product presentation.


Electronic Shelf Label: Significance in Pet Stores


An electronic shelf label can deliver numerous benefits important for optimizing operations at pet stores. Key aspects that highlight its significance include:


  • Display Pricing Information

ESLs allow pet stores to update pricing information in real-time. Store managers can remotely change the digital price tag of pet supplies for sales events or promotions from any location. This ensures accuracy across all shelves, displays, and point-of-sale registers.


  • Manage Inventory

An electronic shelf label integrated with a store’s inventory management system can automatically update product labels based on stock counts. As pet food, toys, supplies, and other goods are sold or received, an ESL system reflects current inventory levels in real-time to prevent mismatches.


  • Display Product Information

An electronic shelf label system provides pet stores the flexibility to digitally display detailed information about each product. Customers can learn directly on the shelf about ingredients in different pet foods, safety ratings for toys, or other key details that inform their buying decisions.


  • Display Additional Information

Beyond pricing and inventory data, ESLs open new opportunities for pet stores to showcase educational materials through dynamic digital signage. Helpful tips on pet care, training advice, and announcements of new product launches, services, and events can regularly rotate to engage customers and support sales.


  • Help Identify Pets

ESLs also help pet stores to properly identify individual pets to prevent mix-ups, especially for animals of similar size/color. This is crucial for pet sitting, where multiple pets may be in one person’s temporary care. Ensuring each pet’s identity links to corresponding care needs allows appropriate care for animals as pet owners request.


Product Highlight: Nebular Pro by Hanshow


As the pioneer in electronic shelf label technology, Hanshow is committed to helping retailers optimize operations and enhance customer experience through innovative digital solutions. With expertise in digital shelf label technology, AI systems, self-checkout devices, and more, we develop customized solutions that address the unique challenges of retailers.


Our Nebular Pro series represents the latest innovation in ESL technology. As a smart labeling solution optimized for retail environments, the Nebular Pro can also be applied to benefit pet stores. Some of the key attributes that make it an ideal choice include:

  • Long Battery Life: With a lifespan of up to 15 years, Nebular Pro labels do not require frequent replacement of batteries, saving pet stores time and maintenance costs.
  • Vivid Displays: This ePaper price tag features bright, colorful screens that allow pet stores to creatively promote new pet supplies, specials, and services through dynamic digital signage. This enhanced product presentation helps pet parents easily find what they need.
  • Rugged Durability: Rated IP67 for water and dust resistance, Nebular Pro labels can withstand the demanding pet store environment. Their 3H hardened screens are also resistant to scratches or damage from curious pets or fast-paced stockings.
  • Customizable Displays: Multiple color modes give pet stores the flexibility to match signage to store branding or highlight specific product categories.


Electronic shelf label systems provide pet stores with an efficient way to optimize operations, enhance customer experience, and boost sales through real-time pricing, inventory management, and dynamic product presentation. Our Nebular Pro series can empower pet stores to harness these benefits through its long-lasting, full-color displays and simple integration. If your pet store requires modernizing retail operations, contact us today to explore our advanced ESLs and other digital solutions.