Hanshow SPatrol Robot

SPatrol is able to roam store aisles, collect shelf information and analyze out of stock status automatically to provide insightful data on the backend.


The Mobile


Hanshow SPatrol Robot

In a large busy store, employees often do not have the time to roam the aisles monitoring product status, let alone the ability to store and analyze this monitoring data over time. But this is exactly what Hanshow’s SPatrol does, all day, every day. This mobile solution is ideal for retail settings that require high-frequency monitoring, and need to cover a large store area and wide range of products.

Hanshow SPatrol Robot Design Concept

Hanshow SPatrol Product Highlights


Highly accurate product recognition by algorithm fusion of product and ESL information with accuracy rates of 95%.

Secured Data Transfer

Powerful edge computing minimizes data transfer security concerns.

High Detection

SPatrol’s high detection accuracy allows for quick training and adaptation to changing retail environments.

Easy installation

Easy installation with simple network configuration for low implementation and maintenance costs

Benefits of SPatrol to Retailers

This mobile solution to cover a large store area and wide range of products.

Powerful Detection

Detects product shortages, reducing loss of sales from these shortages.

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduces shelf monitoring labor costs.

Out of Stock

Reduces out of stock occurrences by 65% in month-long trials.

Proper Labeling

Recognizes products and ESL information to ensure products are placed properly with corresponding price label.


Ensures planogram compliance by 8% in month-long trials.

Analyzes Shelves Data

Collects and analyzes shelf data over time to improve operations, displays, and pricing.

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