AI+ Solutions

Hanshow’s AI Solution leads to more Efficient and Profitable stores.

AI+ Solutions

Today’s retail store is a treasure trove of untapped data and insights on the movements of products and customers. Where e-commerce provides endless sales and optimization opportunities through real time data, this is often lost in the physical world due to the limitations of manual labor and the technology needed to monitor activity.

With staffing stretched thin across the retail industry, shelves are often not stocked in accordance with planogram requirements, out of stock products results in sales losses, and there is little if any information on customer traffic and product interest. The labor costs to manually and timely track these areas in large retail stores is simply too high for most retailers.

There are better ways to address all these pain points through digitalization technology, and Hanshow’s cutting-edge AI monitoring solution was specially developed for these retail settings.

Hanshow’s AI Solution monitors shelves and customer traffic in three ways.

  • Visight AI Camera
    Hanshow’s award winning Visight AI Camera, mounted at strategic locations around the store for stationary monitoring of shelves and customer traffic.
  • SPatrol Robot
    Hanshow’s SPatrol Robot features similar monitoring but is able roam store aisles collecting shelf information and feeding it to backend systems.
  • Mobile Phone App
    Finally, another way of collecting this shelf information can simply be collected through a mobile phone app.

All of these solutions work in tandem with Hanshow’s ESL, providing a highly accurate and interconnected feedback loop that slashes out of stock times, ensures proper planogram, and provides a range of insights for sales optimization.

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more efficient and profitable stores.


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The Global Retail Industry Is Entering the Era of AI.


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