Paul Carrasqueira, solution and customer service manager at Zôdio in Herblay, describes how NFC in Hanshow solutions benefits both the customers and the employees by displaying useful and relevant information.

“Thanks to NFC, our customers, by putting their phone on the label, can directly access the product's web page on our website and consult the technical features in more detail. It also helps our employees in this sense, since we have many references. This allows them to enrich their product knowledge by regularly using this tool. Beyond that, this label will show us at predefined times the available stock, which allows our supply and shelving teams to readjust stock levels and restock the right product, which clearly accelerates the return on pin.”

“In addition, we use the small LED that appears on it in the case of different scenarios, which helps us to give back office information to our teams and again in the service of a faster return on pin and a better operational efficiency.”


“We feel that we have a lot of possibilities in terms of scenarios, especially for our clients and for our teams. Now we have to work on it and we hope to do it in a collaborative way with our partners to be able to enrich them quickly.”

- Paul Carrasqueira, solution and customer service manager at Zôdio