Systeme U is a good distribution group with 1568 POS in France, a network of local stores presents in both urban and rural areas, grouping together the banners:

  • • SUPER U (762 POS)
  • • UTILE (395 POS)
  • • U EXPRESS (341 POS)
  • • HYPER U (65 POS)
  • • MARCHÉ U (5 POS)
The partnership between Hanshow Technology and Systeme U began in April 2020. Since then, over 200 stores have been equipped with Hanshow’s solutions.

Mickael Dupuis, Director of a U Express store in Les Essarts-Le-Roi, tells us about the process of digitizing his store, the benefits of Hanshow solutions for his business, and the ease with which his team has adapted to this technology.

“I have chosen Hanshow electronic labels because the label is solid, reliable, and well-priced. We also invested in these labels so that we would have an LED flash for our Drive, that was going to be set up. We implemented it after the installation of the Hanshow labels and it saved us lots of time, an important gain in productivity.”

“After implementing Hanshow’s solution we noticed a visual evolution of the label, a clear, precise, bright label. And more professional accompanying services, in particular the LED flash which really helped us in the daily management of the store, including the implementation of our Drive within the store.”

“Our teams become familiar with Hanshow’s solution very quickly. Because Hanshow's training is very well done. And above all, the material is adapted to our integrated tools in store.”


“My advice would be to choose Hanshow because of the quality of their customer service. The customer service at first, then the after-sales service, which is of exceptional quality. And so, as a result, the installation as well as the after sales service is of an exceptional quality.”

Director of a U Express store · Mickael Dupuis

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