The Système U Cooperative is a French food retailing group that operates over 1,500 stores (in France and Drom-Com), under 5 banners:

  • • HYPER U (65 stores)
  • • SUPER U (762 stores)
  • • U EXPRESS (341 stores)
  • • UTILE (395 stores)
  • • MARCHÉ U (5 stores)
The partnership between Hanshow Technology and Systeme U began in April 2020. Since then, over 200 stores have been equipped with Hanshow’s solutions.

Julien MORIZE, commercial manager of the Super U in Neuville aux Bois, explains how Hanshow’s Stellar labels transformed and facilitated their everyday work through the pairing/unpairing features, LED flash, multiple pages features.

“There are mainly three new features that we use in store. The management data, before the morning, that allows us to see our stocks and all the internal data to prepare the orders. Secondly, the LED flashes, we scan a product and the ESL flashes. This can be useful for a new employee, for example, to find a product more easily. And the third point is internet shopping. We have the same LED display on the next three articles, this allows us to save time and increase productivity.”

Edouard Deshayes, Co-associate, chose to digitalize his store with Hanshow for its innovative solutions, competitive prices and human relationships.



“What made me choose Hanshow for the store was, first of all, the technological solution, the modernity of this solution and the agility for the future. Then, in the second place, it was the attractive offer. Hanshow is making every effort to get new stores in a fairly competitive industry. And in the third place, what I appreciate the most is the relationships both at the technical level for the corrections that are very agile to make, and the qualities of commercial relations, listening and always willing to make the solution evolve.”

commercial manager of the Super U · Julien MORIZE

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