Mr. MELKONIAN, owner of the Spar store in Saint Cyr l’École, chose Hanshow solutions as he was creating his new store. He explains how our solutions were a perfect match for him in terms of budget, product quality and future development.

“I choose Hanshow electronic labels, first for the pricing policy of the company. As part of our store creation project, we had to be very careful about our budget and monitor it line by line. And Hanshow pricing policy is highly competitive. Then the product quality. We have compared several ESL suppliers on the market. Hanshow proved itself to be very competitive compared to their competitors. And finally, the evolution perspectives of the system. We can eventually, if the managing platform allows it, we can widely diversify the uses of ESL, and not exclusively as a tag.”

“As of today, we have 6 months of hindsight, I can assure you that our satisfaction is full and complete. There first was a wonderful commercial service. And now, there is a technical support team that accompanies us, we have a strong and efficient back-up.”

“Hanshow ESL bring a lot: first, it saves time, it enables us to make price drops and updates in no time. And then, the second advantage, it is the image we show to our customers. The image of our shop is eventually more modern thanks to this signage.”

“When I look at the labels, the display is clear, there is no problem. It is confirmed by the fact that employees, when they are shelving, don’t look to much for the shelf locations. They find them quite easily.”

- Mr. MELKONIAN, owner of the Spar store