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Lumina Aqua D1
Lumina Aqua D2


High Definition
Full-Color Dynamic

Full-color IPS LCD screen with 2.5 Dimension glass lens vividly brings display to life.

Why Choose
Lumina Aqua

  • All Around Design

    Designed for a versatile range of display options either hanging, standing, or side installation.

  • High Quality Display

    Lumina's large LCD screen shows crystal clear images and can play videos, adding new life to fresh foods displays

  • IP65 Protection

    An IP65 protection rating, ensuring in functions normally in messy conditions. Scratch free with 3H screen hardness.

  • lifespan of 5 years

    A lifespan of 5 years when on for 16 hours straight daily (>30,000 hours)

  • Connects through store's Wi-Fi system

    Connects through store's Wi-Fi system, allowing instant updates to products without battery-powered ESL constraints.

  • full dynamic display options

    Electronic shelf label functionality along with full dynamic display options

  • working temperature

    Functions normally between 0°C and 50°C, ensuring every location in a store can be covered.

  • beautiful templates

    Hanshow provides hundreds of beautiful templates suited for any retail scenario

  • Winner of iF Design Award

    Winner of iF Design Award and Good Design Award


Benefits of Lumina Aqua to Clients

  • Attracts Customers

    Lumina attracts customer attention in the fast-moving fresh foods section of grocery retail.

  • Display

    Provides more information to the customer, accentuates promotions, and provides a more vivid product display.

  • Compatibility

    Transforms aesthetics of the produce section into more modern, colorful, and informative setting.

  • Revenue

    Eliminates need for paper and disposable plastic price tags for lifespan of the product saving both costs and resources.

icon costs icon costs

Reduces Costs

Reduces Point of Sale Marketing (POSM) costs.

edit costs


Can display pairing recommendations or recipes to drive more sales.

engagement costs


Improves customer experience, making shopping more memorable and enjoyable.

Wide Range of Use Cases

Hanshow is one of the global leading providers of digital retail solutions working with over half of the 100 global retail companies and has a solution at over 30,000 stores in 50 countries.


Our labels are designed to be waterproof and dustproof, adapting to various temperatures. In addition, our ESLs enable price changes and promotion updates with excellent speed and accuracy, to increase sales and manage wastage.



Free your team from manual price changing and inventory checking to enable them to have more available time to provide better service to the customer.

Drug Store

Drug Store

Hanshow's full-spectrum, modern design EEGs can be used for a variety of products, and our geolocation solution helps customers find their ideal products more efficiently.



Zôdio Implements Hanshow Solutions

Zôdio Implements Hanshow Solutions

The Adeo Group is the holding company of the world's third largest consumer goods retailer for DIY and home decoration. 


Visualized texts and graphics via our ESLs, showcasing information such as product features or technical parameters etc. Enhance customer engagement by sending promotional offers and rewards to their smartphones. Enhance customer's interactive experience via NFC chip in our ESL.



Based on E-paper technology, an electronic display device with the function of sending and receiving information; it can replace traditional paper labels and is widely used in industrial scenarios.



Manufacturing Company Digital Transformation with Hanshow ESL Solutions

Manufacturing Company Digital Transformation with Hanshow ESL Solutions

Our client is a multinational automotive supplier based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company employs approximately 49,000 people and operates production facilities and technical systems at 93 locations in 22 countries as one of the world's top 25 automotive suppliers.

- Manufacturing
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