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Why Electronic Shelf Labels?

Electronic shelf labels (ESL), provide retail stores with a range of features that improve operational efficiency, reduce pricing errors, and reduce labor costs by allowing for remote updates of entire labeling systems from centralized servers as well as many other benefits:

Battery Life

Up to 15-year battery life


Highest dust and water protection ratings on the market

Award Winning

Award winning design (iF Design Award, Good Design Award, IDEA Design Award)


Trusted by over 30,000 stores around the world

Reduced Energy Consumption

Proprietary chip processor and flexibly ion battery for reduced energy consumption


Durable anti-scratch screen

Thinnest ESL

One of thinnest ESL on at the market at 7.8 mm

Choose the right ESL for your business.

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Stellar Pro

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Hanshow's ESL Solutions are Perfect for:

Hanshow’s ESLs can meet versatile requirements in a grocery environment, from fresh food produces to refrigerators, electronic price tags function normally under tough working environment

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Electronics retail environments can especially benefit from ESL as they provide much more contextual info for shoppers demanding a wealth of information

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For a Home Decoration store, you need an elegant ESL product line that can be attached to various items to guide customers to find the proper tools and building materials.

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Ingredients and allergy information, prices changes and information in real-time, on any shelf. Free your team from manual price changing and inventory checking to enable them to have more available time to provide better service to the customer.

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Industrial paperless solution to accelerate manufacturing companies to achieve Industry 4.0 digital transformation process

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Implement Hanshow ESL solution to digitize your store today.

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