Lumina Edge

Lumina Edge is Hanshow's unique shelf-edge digital marketing screen series, transforming a static and tired shelf display into a vibrant and eye-catching point of sale for retailers. Lumina Max is the biggest screen in the Lumina series, designed for displays in large settings.



Lumina Edge


Unique Selling Points



Easy Installation

Lumina Edge is easy to install and comes fully loaded with necessary software and content players.



Over 30,000 hour lifespan.


Display In Sync

Multiple screens on multiple shelves able to sync content.





FHD display with >178° viewing angle for continuous views as customers walk by.



Upon purchase, the complete solution with hardware, software, accessories, and tailored size and appearance are all provided by Hanshow.


Fast Update

Easy integration with backend content management systems for fast and automated display updates.


Hanshow is the world's leading provider of electronic shelf label and
omni-channel digital store solutions.

Benefits of Lumina Edge to Clients

Efficiency and Profit Boosting for Stores.
Boost Sales

Lumina Edge was designed specifically to boost sales for both retailers and brands.

Video Promotions

For retailers, Lumina Edge allows for bright, dynamic video promotions on the shelf edge, ensuring customers will not miss promoted deals.

Categorize Promotions

Retailers can set deals to be promoted automatically at certain times, used to promote products not selling well or further increase purchases of top selling products.

Creative Video

Lumina Edge gives product brands a new tool for in-store marketing, enhancing sales and branding through creative video content directly at the physical point of sale.

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