Digital price tags have become very popular in the retail industry thanks to their flexibility and unique advantages. By displaying dynamic product information digitally, they help stores optimize operations and marketing. For flower shops in particular, digital price tag systems provide solutions to common pain points like optimized inventory management, simplified pricing adjustments, quick promotional rollouts through remote updates, and the ability to convey diverse item details beyond just price. Adopting this technology allows flower shops to address key challenges in efficient, cost-effective ways while enhancing customer experiences.


Common Challenges Encountered by Flower Shops


Like all retailers, flower shops also strive to minimize costs and maximize sales through impactful promotions. In their efforts to meet these diverse goals, some common challenges arise that electronic shelf label systems can help address effectively. These include:


  • Inventory Management Issues

Flower shops struggle with constantly tracking the shelf life of fresh flowers to avoid wastage. Since flowers wilt faster during hot weather, inventory needs to be adjusted daily based on temperature and other conditions. This manual process is labor-intensive.


  • Fluctuating Prices

Flower prices fluctuate regularly according to weather patterns, holidays, market trends, and seasonal supply. Updating paper tags is time-consuming for shops each time prices change.


  • Frequent Promotional Events

To prevent losses from unsold inventory, shops often hold impromptu sales. However, manually updating numerous paper tags for promotions is inefficient.


Digital price tag solutions can effectively address these issues and challenges. Their ability to display dynamic product information from a central database makes inventory tracking, flexible pricing, and quick promotional updates seamless.


Digital Price Tags: An Excellent Solution


Digital price tag systems offer flower shops a key advantage over paper tags through their flexible information display capabilities. Beyond static prices, digital tags allow additional product details and marketing messages to be programmed for individual items. This functionality helps shops address their operational and customer service needs. Key details they help effectively manage include:


  • Price and Unit of Measurement

Shops can set prices per unit for different types of flowers, whether sold individually, by weight, or bundled in arrangements. Tags can also show the original price crossed out next to sale prices during promotions to clearly convey savings.


  • Flower Name

Displaying the flower variety helps staff and customers correctly identify products. This is especially useful for uncommon flower types.


  • Care Instructions

Tags can provide simple guidelines on watering frequency, sunlight exposure, and vase life to educate buyers on proper at-home flower care.


  • Discounts

Promotional discount rates for volume purchases or seasonal bundles can be programmed onto tags to incentivize sales.


  • Origin

Customers are interested in knowing if flowers are locally grown or imported. Including the source region builds transparency and trust in product quality.


  • Date of Arrival

This freshness indicator lets customers select the ideal flowers, reducing waste from spoilage. It also reassures buyers of the shop’s quick inventory turnover.


Overall, digital price tag systems provide flower shops with a versatile tool to optimize operations through flexible product information management and marketing right on the sales floor.


Hanshow Stellar Pro – The Advanced Electronic Shelf Label


For flower shops that intend to invest in digital price tags, Hanshow offers the solution. We are a pioneer in digital retail solutions with a strong focus on electronic shelf label systems. We have gained the trust of top retailers worldwide with our reliable, high-performance electronic shelf labels.


Our Stellar Pro features a robust design and has earned innovation awards. It delivers maximum benefits to flower shops through optimized information display, simple integration, and many years of reliable use. Key features that make this smart retail solution an ideal choice for flower shops include:

  • IP65 Rating: Stellar Pro’s protection from dust and water means tags can withstand the humidity of flower storage coolers and frequent cleaning/misting. This durability is critical in floral environments.
  • Specialized ESL Chip: The chip allows complex programming of diverse product information onto each digital price tag. Shops gain maximum flexibility to display customized details for better flower inventory management and customer service.
  • Customizable Sizes: From mini to tablet-sized labels, flower shops can choose formats fitting any product and space. Arrangements or rare specimen flowers can be properly tagged.
  • 7-Color LED Light Signals: During events, coordinated light colors easily guide staff in locating flowers for quick picking, hence fulfilling online orders faster to increase revenue.


Overall, digital price tag systems like Stellar Pro address the key challenges and issues of flower shops through flexible information display and remote management. This improves inventory tracking and simplifies pricing. At Hanshow, we develop innovative retail solutions to help stores streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Contact us to learn more about our ESLs.