On February 15, 2023, the Supermarket Trade Show (SMTS) opened at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan. The exhibition, which has been held once a year for 56 years, is a leading indicator of the Japanese retail industry. It brings a range of innovative products, cutting-edge technologies, and supply chain solutions to the retail industry, attracting wide attention from retailers, brand owners, and service providers from around the world.


ISHIDA and Hanshow's co-booth at the SMTS 2023 in Japan


As a leading provider of production solutions in Japan, Ishida, in partnership with Hanshow, appeared at the SMTS 2023 exhibition under the theme of "humanization - treating humans and the earth well," showcasing a smart, low-carbon, digital store solution for the retail industry.


Joining forces to provide digital empowerment for the retail industry


For 130 years, Ishida has been committed to providing unique, innovative, and reliable production solutions to retailers and brand owners worldwide, earning recognition from its customers. Meanwhile, Hanshow, as a leader in global digital store solutions, has provided innovative, high-quality solutions and services to many well-known retailers around the world. With the opportunity presented by the development of digital technology, Ishida and Hanshow have cooperated on research and development, quality control management, and marketing, injecting fresh vitality into the digital transformation of Japan's retail industry.


visitor at the ISHIDA and Hanshow co-booth exploring digital store solutions.


"To address issues related to personnel, energy, and ecological protection, we need to further promote digital transformation. The application of electronic price tags in the Japanese market has undergone significant changes, and Hanshow has a deep understanding of the Japanese market. Our partnership with this leading digital solution provider can bring new value to the retail industry," an Ishida spokesperson said.


Leading innovation to simplify processes and improve the retail experience


The rapid development of digital technology has reshaped people's imagination of life and work. From offline to online, and back to the integration of online and offline, there are now many forms of personalized retail experiences. More and more retailers and consumers are eager to optimize store operations and enhance the consumer experience, and Hanshow's digital store solution offers a fresh new option for the retail industry.


Hanshow Lumina, Stellar, and Nowa series are being displayed at the booth of SMTS events.


At the SMTS exhibition, Ishida and Hanshow showcased Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) and in-store marketing solutions. The ESL simplifies the pricing management process for retailers, achieving real-time online and offline data connectivity, allowing retail stores to digitize management down to the SKU level. By integrating with Hanshow's HiLPC communication protocol and All-Star management platform, Hanshow’s solutions can manage more than 10 million ESLs and perform functions such as synchronized price changes, positioning flashlights more accurately, efficiently, and sustainably, improving store operation efficiency for enterprises.


The in-store marketing solution integrates commercial display hardware, intelligent sensors, software systems, and communication protocols, with functions such as data collection, consumer insight analysis, and intelligent interaction. It helps retailers achieve comprehensive marketing goals and enhance omni-channel sales capabilities, while also providing customers with colorful and dynamic displays and innovative interactive experiences, bringing a superior and unique in-store experience.


Hanshow Lumina Edge in-store marketing solution at the SMTS 2023 in Japan.


Low-carbon environmental protection, saving consumables, and reducing carbon emissions


In today’s world, whether retailers, brand owners, or consumers, everyone is trying to put the concept of sustainability into concrete action. In addition to the routine functions of integrated management and real-time price changes, Hanshow's electronic shelf label solution can also use models and data algorithms to develop a set of exclusive dynamic pricing strategies for retailers, achieving automatic price adjustments, promoting sales, and reducing perishable food waste.


In addition, retail stores annually consume a large amount of paper price tags for new product launches, promotional price changes, display changes, and more. The launch of Hanshow's electronic shelf label and in-store marketing solutions has fully realized the paperless operation of retail stores, greatly saving the materials and consumables required for store operations. At the same time, innovative technology and leading performance ensure Hanshow's solutions have lower power consumption, higher efficiency, and significantly reduce the carbon emissions of store operations, helping customers advance sustainable development goals.


In the future, Ishida and Hanshow will continue to deepen cooperation, continuously bringing high-quality products and services to the industry and consumers, and providing more advanced technology, better performance, and superior digital retail products and experiences.