Retailers were all about the integration of being green and digital with Hanshow at this year’s EuroShop


The retail space is changing, posing both challenges and opportunities. The latest solutions were on full display at EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Germany, the world’s no. 1 retail trade fair. Hanshow, as the top provider of integrated retail solutions and a market leader in Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), unveiled brand new innovations that help retailers not only meet the numerous trials the industry has experienced over the past years, but also help transform retail challenges into opportunities for a sustainable, efficient, and fully integrated digital future.


At the Hanshow booth at EuroShop2023, retailers witnessed the fusion of sustainable practices and digital innovation. Our current and future partners from all over the world got hands-on experience with the newest innovations, including the HiLPC communication protocol and vibrant, fast-changing four-color ESLs, AI-driven solutions, and applications of Hanshow.


With our partners towards a sustainable and digital future


As part of our commitment to sustainability, Hanshow has managed more than 52 million electronic shelf labels through its SaaS system powered by Microsoft's Azure platform, further enhancing digital energy and carbon efficiency. Sally Liang, Head of Hanshow Europe, explains in her interview at EuroShop how we work with our partners to integrate green and sustainable practices with the most cutting-edge digital retail technology:



During EuroShop, Martin Senko, Senior Business Development & Sales Director from Hanshow, held a presentation to explain the idea of what Being Green and Digital means to Hanshow. His in-depth look at how digitalization and sustainability can work together highlighted the example of Wumart, one of China’s largest supermarket chains, which by utilizing Hanshow’s technology saves the equivalent of 100 trees per year and 1,500 work hours per month at its 600 equipped stores. Martin also raised the example of another partner, who has already invested in 14 million ESLs and updated 10 million to the new SaaS standard for management in the cloud, reducing emissions significantly compared to local ESL solutions.



So what’s new?


The new HiLPC protocol stands out as a top product presented to retailers and visitors, enormously improving the energy efficiency, latency, system throughput, and responsivity of Hanshow’s ESL products. The protocol, which benefits not only the new product line of ESL technology but can be integrated with existing ESL and store infrastructure, allows for nomadically, batched, and timed updating and enables retailers to implement advanced dynamic pricing and product tracking. It also supports flashing light prompts for any number of goods being selected, to help employees quickly find the location of goods for sorting. Dynamic network resource allocation is also used in conjunction with Wi-Fi, solving any network coexistence challenges. As a plus, the new generation protocol combined with ESL controllers and financial-grade security chips also comes with the most reliable data protection available.


The AI solution completes the package by enabling retailers to track shelf space, all while ensuring data security and meeting customer demands. These novel technologies tie in neatly with AI data analysis software, as well as the numerous notification capabilities of Hanshow AI tech, for example, by automatically showing staff that items are out of stock, or enabling a brand comparison analysis for store management. Partnering with Intel and Microsoft, Hanshow’s hardware and software technology stack, combined with its experience in developing AI applications for retail, enables a flexible, user-friendly solution—and one that addresses the traditional concerns of business decision-makers in the sector.


With four crisp colors, fast-changing displays, and long-lasting battery life, the ESL collection shows itself to be the best on the market. Combined with the new signature LCD displays for in-store counters with easily mounted two side displays and the thermal detector with temperature monitoring system, plus the integrated AI system, the Hanshow product family can meet any retailer’s needs, with customizable solutions for every obstacle. This flexibility is also shown in Hanshow’s new segment for DIY retail scenarios focused on the individuality of our many partners.


See you again next year!


Closing out the fair of great contacts and talks with our old and future partners and a full bag of new and upcoming projects, we are now ready to get to work. With new products already in development – such as the solar-powered Nebular Lux series – the advantages of Hanshow in terms of sustainability, longevity, and effectiveness will continue to rise this year, progressing steadily towards the goals we committed to on the journey with our partners.


Expect many more great announcements throughout the year, all coming to fruition right back here in Düsseldorf at EuroCIS 2024. We are already looking forward to meeting all of you in person again!