On July 28, the Intel 2023 Network and Edge Industry Summit took place in Nanjing, China. The event saw numerous guests from the fields of IoT, networking, and edge computing delivering keynote speeches and expounding on Intel's global and China development roadmaps, product progress, and ecosystem developments in the network and edge sector. The summit also hosted an innovation achievement exhibition in the network and edge sector, showcasing the digital and intelligent construction successes reached via collaborations between Intel and its Chinese partners in domains like education, industry, smart communities, finance, transportation, 5G, retail, medical, and collaborative conferencing.


Edge AI for Digital Retail Transformation


Seizing the Endless Opportunities of Edge AI for Digital Transformation


As businesses strive to increase competitiveness and reduce overall costs in the face of supply chain restrictions, labor/talent shortages, rising energy costs, inflation, and economic recession following the COVID-19 pandemic, they are accelerating their digital and intelligent transformations by adopting AI data processing at the edge. This brings immense market opportunities for edge computing. According to predictions from research institutions, by 2025, 75% of data generated by enterprises will be created and processed outside of traditional data centers or the cloud.; By 2026, 50% of edge deployments will involve machine learning, 86% of edge developers will target AI-based applications, and AI inference at the edge will be triple that of data centers.



Empowering the Retail Industry's High-Quality Development with Digital Store Solutions


Hanshow, with Intel's technological backing, has made considerable investments in AIoT and other digital innovation technologies. Together with partners like Intel, Hanshow has carried out extensive cooperation in areas including digital store infrastructure innovation, application optimization, and ecosystem construction. These collaborations have provided retail customers with high-performance, high-insight, economically viable, and easy-to-implement smart retail solutions.


Hanshow showcase ESL solution during the Intel NEX Summit


During the Intel NEX Summit, Hanshow also showcased its electronic price tag solution. By integrating management, rapid price changes, LED light positioning, and picking functions, Hanshow has successfully promoted the upgrade and transformation of the retail industry under current digital challenges. The solution resolves pain points like low efficiency, poor experience, and fragmentation between online and offline in traditional retail, fully leveraging the advantages of AIoT and big data technology in optimizing retail business processes, tapping into potential data value, and improving consumer experience styles, thereby helping retail customers accelerate their digital journey.


Looking forward, Hanshow will join forces with ecosystem partners to carry out more in-depth cooperation in the construction of the smart retail ecosystem, bringing a unique intelligent experience to retail users worldwide.