Hanshow supports Norauto’s digitalization with technological solutions tailored to industry specialists

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Norauto has called on Hanshow to equip all its points of sale with electronic shelf labels (ESLs), the fruit of a collaboration initiated in 2021.


The NEBULAR range of ESLs has been designed to enhance the employee experience, optimize the customer journey, and limit the carbon footprint due to a longer-than-average lifespan.



The Norauto brand (Mobivia Group), which specializes in services for motorists, has embarked on a journey to modernize its centers, to meet new retail challenges such as the rise of pure players, price fluctuations, talent attraction, the CSR approach, and new customer paths.

Hanshow supports players in omnichannel commerce, providing them with tailor-made marketing and customer experience solutions. The company develops technological solutions based on AI, IoT, and Big Data.

Norauto has been working with Hanshow since the end of 2021 to accelerate its in-store digitalization.


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Electronic shelf labels tailored to the needs of employees and customers


Chosen by Norauto for their efficiency, Hanshow ESLs save staff time, especially in the context of inflation. No more paper! From now on, price changes are made automatically, with Hanshow’s technology able to update each center in less than 20 minutes. Staff also have access to available stock at a glance, enhancing customer service and simplifying restocking.

What's more, Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels are in line with Norauto's CSR policy, limiting the use of paper consumables and meeting the challenges of energy sobriety.

"With Hanshow labels, our staff notice the time saved in their day-to-day work, so they can concentrate on the business and their customers. We're seeing a reduction in price errors at checkout, improving customer satisfaction and our company's profitability. With Hanshow technology, we're gaining in agility and competitiveness in the face of the rise of the pure players," explains Jaouad El Habbaz, Project Leader, Norauto France.


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Staying competitive with pure players


Online retailers are adopting aggressive and increasingly dynamic pricing policies. To remain competitive, in-store chains must adapt, and the automotive services sector is no exception.

The deployment of Hanshow EEGs enables Norauto to align itself instantly with these players and maintain its competitiveness in the ambitious motorist services market.

Hanshow electronic shelf labels bring high added value to Norauto centers with dedicated functionalities: promotional items are highlighted with a specific display, and customers can consult product reviews or be redirected to the product's web page using ESL technology.

As the labels are connected across stores and systems, there is no longer the possibility of errors between the price indicated on the shelf and at checkout - an essential factor in customer satisfaction.

"The introduction of Hanshow electronic shelf labels has enabled us to save time on a daily basis. Before the electronic shelf labels, when there was a price change, we had to print an A4 sheet for each sheet of 18 labels, then go around the store to find out where the products were. Today, prices and stocks are updated automatically, simplifying our day-to-day work.

The application is really easy to use and accessible to everyone. If a customer or staff member is looking for a product, they can flash the label attached to the product, which saves them a lot of time.

It took some time to install the labels in the center, but that's nothing compared with the time saved daily, as well as the paper savings", argues Louis Fache, Sales Manager, Norauto Leers.


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Large-scale deployment


Norauto has 413 car centers in France, divided between branches and franchises (which make up around 1/3). The company is also present in Spain and Portugal, where electronic tags have already been deployed in over 40 centers. Mobivia also distributes in Belgium and Germany under the Auto 5 and ATU banners.

In Global, Hanshow will soon be equipping all the group's banners (more than 1,150 car centers), with over 5 million electronic shelf labels installed.

"We are honored to be working with Norauto - Mobivia, the European leader in the automotive equipment sector. Norauto's choice confirms our ability to meet the needs of different distribution sectors, while helping to control our carbon footprint. 

The use of electronic labels has enabled us save the equivalent of 20,000 paper label changes per year and per center. That’s over 6 million paper labels not wasted at Norauto France in 2022," concludes Pierre Fosseux, VP France at Hanshow.




About Hanshow:

Specializing in technology solutions based on AI, IoT, and Big Data, Hanshow meets the new demands of omnichannel commerce: automating and simplifying in-store operations, optimizing pricing strategies, operational efficiency, personalized marketing, and creating a successful customer experience. Hanshow works with leading retailers and delivers its solutions to tens of thousands of shops in 50 countries.

At the heart of its 'digital retail solutions', Hanshow has developed a comprehensive Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) offering that enables retailers to streamline operations, optimize pricing strategies and deliver a more personalized consumer experience. The company has expanded its offerings over time with a wide range of digital solutions, from AI-based shelf monitoring systems to self-service devices and cutting-edge in-store marketing solutions.

Established in France since 2017, Hanshow is the partner of some of the country’s largest retail groups, including Auchan and Groupement Les Mousquetaires.

LinkedIn: @Hanshow


About Norauto

A leader in automotive maintenance and equipment, Norauto, a Mobivia Group company, has been supporting motorists for nearly 50 years. Today, Norauto has established itself as a major player in the responsible transition of motorists by offering innovative, accessible, and sustainable solutions adapted to the new uses of the road and to all forms of mobility. Committed for over 30 years to an ambitious and structured CSR approach, the company is also a pioneer in electric technologies and an ambassador for more sustainable mobility. The brand's omnichannel development is supported by a network of almost 650 car centers worldwide (6 countries), including over 410 in France. Involved at the heart of the company's strategy, Norauto employees work in a team with innovative management practices. Norauto employs 6,500 people in France and nearly 11,200 worldwide.

For more information on Norauto, its services, and products, visit www.norauto.fr

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