(May 28, 2021) Leading global retail digital solutions provider Hanshow announced today that it is furthering international business expansion by forming three new subsidiaries: Hanshow Australia and Hanshow New Zealand and Hanshow America, all established in the first half of 2021. The new companies are currently wholly owned subsidiaries of Hanshow and are located in Sydney, Auckland, and New York.

“The formation of these three new entities is aimed to serve our customers better and create greater business opportunities together with our global partners. Furthermore, these markets are crucial for the future of our business development in APAC and North American after the successful expansion in the European market. Through further strategic investment via the new subsidiaries, Hanshow will accelerate new business development and provide new value to its global retailer customers.” notes Hanshow Chairman and CEO Hou Shiguo.

Since 2011, Hanshow has been serving the global leading retail groups with innovative digital store solutions and agile, efficient services.

While Hanshow already has proof-of-concept or official implementation underway in each market, now that these subsidiaries are established Hanshow has the set-up to better comply with local regulations and to expand at scale with each country’s top retailers. These subsidiaries will also help serve as bases to expand into other regional markets, especially the US with the neighboring markets in Canada and Mexico.

Cover photo copyright: "New York Skyline" by CJ Isherwood is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0