While Hanshow is fast becoming a global leader in electronic shelf labels and digital retail solutions, it is also paving the way to become a leader in sustainability and responsibility. Today, Hanshow is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with ESAT in Paris for management of its post-sales service.

ESAT is a social enterprise that provides training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Hanshow’s cooperation with ESAT will include the repair and recycling of damaged or discontinued electronic shelf labels. Hanshow estimates that more than 500,000 electronic shelf labels will be processed at ESAT just in 2021.

Through this cooperation with ESAT, Hanshow reaffirms its commitment to offer both responsive customer service while also addressing responsible disposal of electronic waste and helping provide work opportunities for people with disabilities.

Sally Liang, CEO of Hanshow France, explains: "The synergy between Hanshow and ESAT will create both local economic and social value. ESAT is an extremely admirable and reliable venture, and through our work with them in France, we continue to evolve our business practices to become more sustainable and responsible. We hope this work provided by Hanshow can help this group become more integrated into society.”

Alban Roussel, director of the ESAT d'Alembert and Copernicus says: " Since our inception, we have provided services to people with disabilities to help and support them in the exercise of a professional activity while developing the transversal skills. Our collaboration with Hanshow offers our workers the opportunity to understand modern technology devices while helping to manipulate and repair them. The trial runs of this work showed the enthusiasm of our workers to the idea of enriching their skills through the processing of Hanshow products."