Self Checkout Kiosk

Self-checkout kiosks are one of the quickest tools for increasing retail efficiency, and Hanshow’s kiosk – a winner of both the Good Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award – contains the top functionality on the market for this solution.


The trusted


Self Checkout

Often the worst part of a shopper’s experience is heading to checkout only to find a couple registers open and long slow lines at each. This makes for a frustrating customer experience and is stressful for store employees as well. But there are simple solutions at hand that not only solve this problem but also opens even more opportunities for retailers.


Benefits to our Clients

Reducing Checkout Lines

Adaptable for counter tops or wall installation, dramatically increasing usable floor space by 30% and reducing customer density from checkout lines.

Reduces Labor Costs

Reduces labor costs by 40% by removing the need for staff to manage each individual register, freeing them to perform other tasks throughout the store.


Provides interactive experiences for the customer, better promotion of membership benefits and promotional deals.

Retail Setting Design

Adaptable design fits across a range of retail settings from supermarkets to convenience stores to apparel or food & beverage.


Easily adapts to other devices and networks with Ethernet, WiFi, USB, and serial port connectivity.

Synced data

Seamlessly integrates with ERP and price labeling systems, staying in sync with electronic shelf labels to ensure accuracy between the price tag and the register.

Integradted designs

Sturdy and integrated design gives the kiosk high protection against dust, water, and collisions, ensuring a long and productive lifespan.

Benefits for Customers


No need to wait in long slow checkout lines or wait for stores to staff a register.


Interactive screen allows for easy membership login and membership benefits selection.

Quality Scanner

Highly advanced 180° scanner instantly recognizes barcodes and QR codes for seamless product scanning or digital payments.

Scan Checkouts

Scanning, payment, and receipt printing is all completed on one small device making checkout a fast and simple experience.

Payment Methods

Connectivity with POS devices allow for credit card payments at the kiosk in addition to digital payment methods.

one stop shopping

Connectivity with other external devices such as digital scales allow for one-stop shopping with pricing and payments all completed at the register.

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