Innovative Product Design for Better Retail Environments




The new member of Hanshow’s Nebular series has once again secured two international product design awards, the 2023 Red Dot Award, and the iF Award. The new addition to the Nebular family was officially launched at NRF 2023 in the United States earlier this year and is primarily used in DIY stores, home goods, and fashion industries. The product's core electronic shelf label component uses a highly integrated chip, achieving high assimilation, lower power consumption, and a thinner, lighter form factor while maintaining powerful performance.


In addition to its technical capabilities, this new addition to the Nebular family inherits the family's high scalability, security, and performance while boasting an innovative product design that catches the eye. The product is only 5.7mm thick with stylishly rounded corners, not only looking more refined and fashionable but also making it easier for staff and customers to quickly replenish or retrieve products. Moreover, the product supports customizable templates with up to eight pages, enabling rapid price changes and LED flashlights to display various information, including product prices, promotions, and inventory. This makes it convenient for store staff and customers to easily access product information and streamline operations.




Customer-Centered Innovation with a Commitment to Values


Hanshow's success in designing this award-winning product is a testament to the company's continuous refinement of its industrial design and research and development capabilities. By prioritizing customer-centered innovation, Hanshow delivers digital solutions and cutting-edge products that meet market demand. During the development of this product, Hanshow focused on the needs of the retail industry, ensuring that it is suitable for different shelf sizes and shapes.




The recognition from the esteemed Red Dot and iF Awards in 2023 is a testament to Hanshow's design philosophy and practicality, adding another feather to the company's cap for its electronic shelf label series. As of 2022, Hanshow has already received the industry's most prestigious international design awards, including Red Dot, iF, IDEA, and G-Mark awards. These accolades not only affirm Hanshow's product design and manufacturing excellence, but also demonstrate its unwavering commitment to continuous innovation, leadership, and digitalization of the retail industry. Hanshow's electronic shelf label is designed to be suitable for different shelf sizes and shapes. By constantly pushing the boundaries of design and technology, Hanshow is helping to transform the retail industry and create a brighter digital future.

Hanshow's Award-Winning ESLs : Leading the Digitalization of the Retail Industry


Hanshow's award-winning electronic shelf label series showcases the company's successful research and development of innovative products, meeting the growing demand for digitalization in specific scenes of the retail industry. Not only does Hanshow provide customers with ESL solutions that are more suitable and adaptable, but the company also takes this opportunity to continuously innovate and improve its products and technologies to offer customers more advanced and practical digital solutions for their stores.




As the industry enters a new phase of development, Hanshow is committed to meeting the diverse needs and trends of the market, collaborating with industry partners to lead the high-quality digitalization of the retail industry. With a focus on usability, stability, and compatibility, Hanshow's electronic shelf label is designed to meet the unique needs of customers, promoting the digital development and transformation of the retail industry.