Hanshow has officially joined the United Nations Global Compact (UN Global Compact) and pledged to support the organization's ten principles regarding human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption. As a leading provider of digital retail solutions, Hanshow has been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, promoting green production, sustainable supply chains, and industry collaboration. Joining the UNGC will further enhance the company's sustainable development capacity and lay the foundation to realize its long-term commitment to protect the planet by promoting sustainable practices globally.


As of June 6, 2023, the UN Global Compact has more than 22,000 participating companies from about 170 countries. With many environmental challenges facing the world, sustainable trends, including digitalization and sustainability, have become the inevitable choice for the retail industry's transformation and upgrading. These trends can improve market competitiveness, better meet customer needs, and have a positive and far-reaching impact on the environment.


The pursuit of sustainability in the retail industry entails several key trends. This includes the promotion of green products and services, utilizing environmentally friendly materials and technologies, establishing sustainable supply chains, and operating models, and reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions. Embracing digitalization and sustainability has become an unavoidable path for the retail sector to upgrade and transform itself.


Hanshow has been focusing on the retail industry and contributing to its sustainable development. Through continuous optimization and innovation, Hanshow has provided customers with low-carbon and green digital store solutions. These solutions not only help retailers reduce energy consumption, improve management efficiency and business value but also help create more environmentally friendly, smarter, and community-based services and customer journeys.


In addition to empowering customers, Hanshow also understands the importance of co-creating a sustainable and recyclable upstream and downstream supply chain. From product packaging improvements, logistics optimization, overseas warehousing centers, battery recycling plans, and partner selection, Hanshow has taken positive actions and achieved remarkable results. Joining the UN Global Compact will help Hanshow better understand the goals of sustainable development, build a broader future industry vision, and continuously enhance the company's contributions to the economy, society, and the environment through long-term strategies and plans.


Joining the UN Global Compact will not only help Hanshow better understand the goals of sustainable development but also improve the company's contributions in the economic, social, and environmental aspects by formulating corresponding strategies and plans. As a leading global digital store solution provider, Hanshow will continue to adhere to corporate social responsibility, fulfill its commitment to the environment and society, promote green technology innovation, sustainable supply chain construction, and low-carbon operation management, and work with ecological partners to create a more intelligent, green, and inclusive future.


Upon announcing this new important undertaking with UN Global Compact, Hanshow's CEO, Hou Shiguo stated, "Joining the United Nations Global Compact organization is an important milestone in Hanshow's sustainable development strategy. We recognize deeply the importance of sustainable development and are committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment through innovative technology. In the future, we will also strictly follow the principles of the United Nations Global Compact to develop, helping to build a more stable and sustainable business environment."