As a leading supplier in retail technology, Hanshow develops a wide array of digital solutions to support our partners to optimize our corporate social responsibility and reduce negative environmental impacts. 

In 2022, we were certified by EcoVadis, the world's leading ESG rating agency, and achieved a bronze rating in positive environmental impact, labor and human rights, business ethics, as well as sustainable procurement, in line with our customer’s values and expectations.


Hanshow has been awarded as bronze medal as a recognition of the EcoVadis rating


The environmental impact of Hanshow


Outlined in the 2022 Hanshow sustainability report, the main environmental improvements Hanshow delivers are found in three categories:

  1. Enabling energy and resource reductions for companies
  2. Reducing emissions and environmental impact in the supply chain
  3. Minimizing Hanshow's internal energy footprint 


The first step in reducing waste in Hanshow's products is to assess the environmental impact of the product. To maximize the sustainability of Hanshow’s technology, we are committed to developing long-lasting electronic price tags, such as our Nebular ESL, which is specially designed with a battery that lasts up to 15 years. In addition, Hanshow has launched the first solar-powered ESL, Nebular Lux, to increase the product's lifecycle and is expected to be market ready by 2024.


Hanshow optimizes environmental impact with sea shipping


Moreover, Hanshow not only aims to improve its technology but also takes great care in choosing packaging and planning shipping to reduce its environmental impact. Wherever possible, our products are shipped by sea, reducing air freight and enabling us to reduce the average CO2 content per kilogram of goods year on year, with an estimated reduction of 20% in 2022. At the same time, our new European distribution center in Amsterdam allows for more efficient warehousing in Europe, further reducing carbon emissions.


Distribution center allows for more efficient warehousing


For our customers, our products also help retailers to make improvements on a managerial and social level. For example, the ESL application eliminates the extremely labor-intensive task of constantly updating labels manually, and the associated artificial intelligence technology can improve overall shop efficiency by accurately tracking shelves in real-time and detecting out-of-stock situations. In addition, retailers can also significantly reduce paper and ink waste from posters, flyers, and printed labels, further improving the environmental impact of their stores.


In addition, another major pain point for retailers is the amount of wastage of ready-to-eat food items. With Hanshow 's price tags and technology, enabling retailers to achieve rapid price adjustments and run timely promotions on fresh food items that are close to their expiration dates, which can help reduce food waste by at least 30%.


Social and governance improvement with Hanshow tech


Outside of the environmental benefits of Hanshow, it also allows for a number of social and governance improvements. The employment of ESL, for instance, removes the extremely labor-intensive work of constantly manually updating labels and the associated AI technology improves re-stocking by accurately tracking the shelves in real-time. These features remove tedious and labor-intensive work and improve overall efficiency in planning. In terms of governance, we enable a wide variety of data-driven management to further improve workflows and supply processes.


Hanshow solution removes tedious and labor intensive work


In terms of social responsibility and governance, we are guided by three core values

  1. Customer Oriented Innovation
  2. Be Results-Driven and Strive to be the best
  3. A Culture of Integrity, Sharing, Excellence and Openness


The third value in particular shows our commitment to its social and governance responsibilities, which further manifest themselves in its internationally diverse staff, its open and direct means of communication and CSR activities.

Hanshow will continue to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability through practical actions, including quantifying and disclosing its progress towards the published targets and documenting the actual benefits of these measures for the planet and society. All of this is designed to make a real impact on the planet through our corporate sustainability and ethical governance.