Paris, November 20, 2023, In a significant move towards sustainable and inclusive economic practices, Hanshow, a leading innovator in Digital Retail Solutions and Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), announces its ongoing collaboration with the ESAT d'Alembert (Establishment and Service for Assistance through Work) of the Association des Papillons Blancs de la Colline, Saint-Cloud. This partnership, established in 2021, focuses on refurbishing and giving a second life to Hanshow's products.



The collaboration is a cornerstone of Hanshow's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, emphasizing the company's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By partnering with ESAT d'Alembert, Hanshow reinforces its dedication to reducing the carbon footprint within the distribution sector.


As an industry leader in AI, IoT, and Big Data-driven digital retail solutions, Hanshow has established itself as a pivotal partner for omnichannel retail players. The company is renowned for providing tailor-made in-store marketing and experiential solutions that are not only innovative but also eco-friendly. In a continuous effort to promote sustainable retail practices, Hanshow has been working closely with its clients to develop solutions that are less energy-intensive and more environmentally conscious, meeting the evolving demands of both industry professionals and consumers.


The ESAT d'Alembert facility helps Hanshow with ESL recycling


In a testament to its commitment to sustainability, Hanshow has been operating its after-sales service center in collaboration with the ESAT d'Alembert for nearly three years. This initiative is focused on recycling and reusing Hanshow's products, actively supporting responsible circular economy practices. This move underlines Hanshow's dedication to reducing environmental impact through sustainable practices in the tech industry.


The Association des Papillons Blancs de la Colline, situated in Saint-Cloud, is instrumental in this collaboration. The association oversees 35 establishments that provide comprehensive services and care to over 800 children and adults with mental disabilities. Their mission extends from offering adapted educational programs to facilitating professional integration, thereby supporting individuals with disabilities throughout their lives.


Hanshow and ESAT d'Alembert Forge a Path of Inclusivity and Sustainability


In a move that exemplifies its commitment to inclusivity and sustainability, Hanshow has established an after-sales service line within the ESAT d'Alembert, operated by the Association des Papillons Blancs de la Colline. This collaboration involves a dedicated team from Hanshow France, which processes, repairs, and prepares ESLs for recycling. This initiative significantly reduces the carbon footprint and waste, aligning perfectly with Hanshow's environmental objectives.


The ESAT d'Alembert facility currently employs between 15 and 20 people with disabilities. This team plays a crucial role in not only advancing Hanshow's sustainability efforts but also in developing their own motor skills, autonomy, and socialization. “We are very pleased that traditional companies are recognizing that working with an adapted company does not compromise the quality of work. At Hanshow, we ensure quality delivery, often within shorter deadlines than other companies, while fostering independence and satisfaction among our team members,” explains Sébastien Martin, instructor at the ESAT d'Alembert.


small kit used to recycle ESL battery and component


Every month, around 24,000 labels are received, sorted, repaired, and returned to Hanshow's clients in France. Since 2021, this partnership has successfully returned almost one million labels to the market, underscoring the effectiveness and impact of this collaboration.


"Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a cornerstone of our global strategy," states Pierre Fosseux, Vice-President of Hanshow France. "Our goal is to assist our customers and partners in meeting environmental and societal challenges. This comprehensive approach not only allows us to reuse our solutions but also involves collaborating with people with disabilities in Ile-de-France, fostering a short, sustainable, and inclusive circuit. This aligns with the UN's objectives and our core values of sharing, inclusivity, and sustainability."


Since early October 2023, Hanshow France has expanded its efforts, establishing a second after-sales service line in another adapted establishment for people with disabilities. With a target to repair around 70% of its ESLs, Hanshow France is steadfast in its commitment to achieving its CSR goals.