Solutions built on AI and IoT technology are at the heart of the exciting digital transformations happening for retail around the world. As stores make the leap from analog operations to reaping the benefits in customer experience, gains in efficiency and valuable insights from retail digitization, innovations in AI and IoT are what make these benefits a reality for retailers. And at the forefront of this is the Microsoft Shanghai AI & IoT Insider Lab that just celebrated its 2nd anniversary today at a ceremony in Shanghai.

Hanshow was among the list of partners on hand for the celebration, which included representatives from health, entertainment, finance, retail, government and more, and Hanshow Vice President Eason Tong spoke at the event.

Hanshow began its partnership with the lab in 2020 to use Microsoft technologies for developing in-store consumer behavior analysis and to generate interactive content for its digital signage based on this information. This technology allows once static store shelves to start a feedback loop that informs backend systems of customer traffic flows and other behavior insights, while also analyzing data to deliver targeted promotional content to shoppers.

"Hanshow is honored to partner with the AIoT Lab, and we're proud of what we've accomplished together," noted Eason Tong speaking at the event, "In a short amount of time we worked together to develop solutions that will soon be ready to go live."

This engagement has further laid the foundation for the development and commercialization of Hanshow's next-generation solutions. Many of these solutions can be seen at a Hanshow supermarket demonstration near the entrance to the lab that features interactive, digital signage along with digital marketing screens, digital payments, and a range of electronic shelf labels (ESL) that serve as the IoT building blocks of digital retail.

"The results we've already seen from this partnership will play an important role in helping improve and transform the global retail industry, "continued Eason Tong, " and we are only scratching the surface of what's possible using this exciting technology."