Hanshow was among the many leading technology development companies on hand at the 2022 Smart Retail Tech (SRT) Expo in London. SRT is the UK’s leading show bringing digital innovation to the retail sector with attendees from a range of companies and industries around world from Meta to Microsoft to M&S.

Hanshow was honored to be an SRT sponsor for the company’s first formal appearance at a UK trade show. On both days of the event, Hanshow’s Benelux Business Development Director Folkwin Haye presented on digital solutions for growing challenges faced by retailers in the UK; “How technology is helping retailers survive and thrive in an age of uncertainty”.

Thank to you the event organizers and everyone we met at the show. See you next year!

About Hanshow

Hanshow is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electronic shelf labels and digital store solutions. As an innovation leader in the industry, Hanshow is dedicated to offering its global customers a series of world-class customized IoT touchpoints and digital store solutions. Hanshow’s intelligence-enabled platforms and systems deliver customer-centric insights, helping retailers streamline operations and providing various solutions to support optimal pricing strategies to offer consumers a more personalized experience. Hanshow currently serves over 20,000 stores in more than 50 countries.

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