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Together with interfel, the French inter-professional association for fresh fruit and vegetables, Hanshow brought a touch of technology to 2022 Paris International Agricultural Show (Salon de l'Agriculture, or SIA).

(Hanshow's Lumina Series at Paris International Agricultural Show 2022)

The Show has been affectionately known as the "biggest farm in France", and has been one of the most popular fairs in Paris since the first edition in 1964. Being interrupted by the global pandemic in 2021, the “reunion edition” of SIA in 2022 highlights the stronger-than-ever bond between farmers and consumers, the pleasure of sharing, and advancing AgTech and ever-changing professions.

During the 9 days’ Show period, Hanshow’s most up-to-date retail solution helped demonstrate how the bond between farmers and consumers can be strengthened by modern technology. The dynamic displaying of Lumina Aqua LCD Electronic Shelf Labeling boosts sales of fresh fruits and vegetables by improving the in-store presentation of the products, while highlighting product features such as origins and even cooking inspirations. Therefore, the operation efficiency and profitability of the store benefit from saved labor dedicated to price changing and reduced food waste.

To find out more about Hanshow at SIA 2022, watch the video where Pierre FOSSEUX, the Vice-President of Hanshow France explains why Lumina Electronic Shelf Labeling Solution is the quality choice for high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables.

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