Hanshow's electronic shelf labels (ESL) have set the standard for industry quality, with digital price tags that have been carefully designed for longevity, speed, and stability. Every component of Hanshow's ESL – from its specially-designed processor and battery, to internal component packaging and its wireless communications protocol – have been formulated to consume minimal energy. This makes Hanshow's digital price tags some of the longest-lasting and most stable on the market. 

Advantages Hanshow's Winning ESL Tools:

1.    More accurate pricing 

Hanshow's ESL allow for more accurate and up-to-date pricing. Products and prices are constantly changing in the retail sector, meaning it's crucial for stores to have an accurate, efficient way to change their price labels and information. By using ESL, retailers can introduce a seamless change in product prices whenever they need. This can save on labor costs and relieve labor shortage pressure due to current global challenges.

In Europe and several other nations, ESL has already been applied in retail stores, allowing them to change prices and product information anywhere in the store. ESL can also help meet requirements of certain countries. In Germany, a new price ordinance requires retailers to provide information when advertising price reductions and discounts. ESL can help these retailers ensure they are compliant with the law, while also bringing their customers the latest, most accurate information.

2.    Improve customer shopping experience

With ESL, the workload for retail staff will be lightened, allowing them to focus on better customer service. Employees can use the extra time that would have previously been spent on changing price labels and updating inventory information to assist customers. All that leads to a better shopping experience.

ESL also enhance a store's appearance, making it more welcoming and modern. In the age of digital transformation, ESL will show customers that a store is progressive and tech-savvy. 

Any kind of information can be displayed on an ESL, such as nutritional facts for food items and the number of remaining stocks to guide buyers. In this way, ESL can help customers make purchase decisions. The large LCD screens show crystal-clear images and can play videos, adding new life to retail displays and making for a more dynamic shopping experience.

3.    More effective display of advertisements and promotions 

A truly one-of-a-kind ESL, Lumina supports vivid displays on an LCD screen that instantly enlivens retail settings. Where traditional ESL use ePaper displays powered by batteries, Hanshow's Lumina series is electric powered, providing endless bright and dynamic content display options. Marketing content, promotions, and product and price information are available on just one screen. 

With hundreds of beautiful templates suited for any retail setting, Hanshow's ESL helps retailers display their advertisements and promotions more effectively. In grocery stores, Lumina is already being used to liven displays, attracting customers to the fast-moving fresh foods section. The more vivid display, plus the option to add additional marketing information, make shopping more memorable and enjoyable for customers. 

4.    Improve store efficiency

In a world where we all aim for perfection, the need for ESL has been constant. ESL work seamlessly to save time. The retail sector is known for its sheer capacity and reiterative tasks. During seasonal sales and promotions, you can find retail employees working overtime to introduce price changes, which ESL could do seamlessly. Hence, ESL is the best solution for saving time in retail.

It also allows for better inventory management and cost control. In the case of price changes, promotions, or out-of-stock items, the store can introduce modified prices on thousands of products with just a few clicks. Hanshow's ESL also connect through a store's Wi-Fi system, allowing quick updates to products without the constraints of battery-powered ESL. 

Finally, Hanshow's navigation and LED Flashing light systems generate a picking route with flashing lights helps stores to fulfill orders quicker.

5.    Sustainability -Better technology to protect our environment

ESL are environmentally friendly and can save operation costs. Using traditional paper labels means having to maintain printing costs, as well as logistics costs. 
In addition, several in-store tasks, like restocking, can become costly if done using paper labels and employees. With ESL, it is easier to change pricing information on labels, which reduces paper waste and operation costs once and for all.

Hanshow's ESL function normally at harsh temperatures environment under retail setting, ensuring every location in a store can be covered despite temperature conditions. The power-saving protocol and increased battery life also speak to green development. Some ESL products have a lifespan of up to 10 years which greatly reduces retailer’s carbon footprint compare to traditional paper price labels.

One-time ESL investment can secure long-term competitiveness 

ESL is a one-off investment to upgrade the offline consumer experience that retailer can quickly deploy and ensure competitiveness and profitability growth in the long term. 

Offline retail is reemerging has a profitable, innovative, and sustainable choice for both retailers and consumers, and these are just some of the ways Hanshow and our ESL family of products are leading this digital retail transformation. In the future, we will explore in-depth more ways Hanshow creates retailer and consumer experience upgrades around the world.