Electronic Shelf Label Solution

We have developed highly interactive ESL to make their store management easier!

Our excellent electronic shelf labels enhance customers' digital shopping experience as well as improve pricing and promotion management, which help global clients solve the challenges in the information technology era.

The Power of Information

  • Fast update speed: Update all labels in 2H (SKU 2K~100K)

  • OTA firmware upgrade

  • Active NFC to support label interaction and instant updates

  • Multi-color LED light

  • High reliability and durability: freezer ESL can work under -20 ℃ coldest Normal ESL can work up to 30 ℃ warmest

  • Maximum battery capacity and automatic power allocation to extend product life

  • Real-time heartbeat for cloud monitoring

  • Automatic geolocation

Hanshow’s NFC and Geolocation
Unique Selling Proposition



● Complies with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A standard
● Supports NFC NDEF data format with 200 bytes writ ble memory 
● Communication distance is reachable maximum 10mm
● Batch update of the same template 
● More to explore after you applied our solutions 




● Complies with ISO/IEC 14443 Type A standard

● Low cost solution - ESL Geolocation system 
● Energy saving solution - 5 year longevity 
● Precise accuracy - positioning within one meter with 95% accuracy 
● Location based service and Picking, Navigation, etc. 
● Easy operation, supporting MS Azure, local deployment and customization


Stellar Series

The Stellar ESL Series is the most classic and sought-after ESL. It is highly reliable and adaptable to fit in verstile retail scenarios, with multifarious clips and stands to fit in different shelves and surfaces.

Nowa Series

Having been crafted carefully, NOWA Series ESL's design is unified, lean, modern and elegant. Excellent visualization for data and information display with crystal clear lensless design offers customers a new sense of experience.

ESL Controller - Access Point


•  15 meters transmission radius
•  Super security with SSL connection and AES128
•  Parallel communication with multiple Antenna
•  Support spread spectrum technology
•  Support remotely firmware upgrade
•  Great size LED indicator
•  Real time status report and monitoring
•  Simple Infrastructure Directly connect to the cloud
•  Cellular Network Supported 
•  Automatically establish cellular  network for maximum concurrent communications
•  Have intergration AP with Extreme, Cisco, and Aruba


Hanshow Software



PriSmart is the new-generation of Hanshow ESL management system.
It supports multiple methods of flexible and quick integration with customer system, and displays relevant operational data on the user interface (UI) in clear way.

 User friendly

The software is designed to meet the needs of different users, which is user-friendly and has practical query functions

 High Extendibility

The system is available for horizontal scaling, as well as easy upgrading.

 High Availability

All modules have load balance solution or master-backup redundancy solution

 High capacity

The system enables remote management of tens of millions of ESLs.

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Monitor System


The Cloud Monitoring system is an active monitoring platform with high reliability and excellent performance. Customers can use Cloud Monitoring system to monitor and analyze services, data, and performance of devices. Alert will be sent to users in the visual interface upon the occurrence of errors to maintenance cost and increase operation efficiency.

 Real-time reporting

7X24 hours non-stop data reporting

 Real-time alert

Abnormal data monitoring, email alert


Improve inspection efficiency and reduce maintenance cost

 Data report

Store data statistics report (ESL / Items /System / AP)

 ESL inventory

Total ESL quantity, inventory quantity, and difference quantity

 Monitoring system

Real-time store operation monitoring

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ESL Template Tool


Hanshow ESL template tool is a visual design tool for ESL templates. With ESL template tool, user can design multipl- sized, customized template with, online real-time storage, and multi-party online collaboration for the WYSIWYG display on ESL.

 Online edit and preview in real time


 Visualized operations


 Template sharing


 Logic edit available


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Sales promotion board

Use durable and easy-to-clean PPL plastic materials and the design can be customized for the purpose of promotional guidance.

Ensure the product information is effective while stimulating purchase.

Promotion card
Promotion card
Promotion card
Promotion card
Promotion card
Promotion card

Installation accessories

Used to adjust and fasten ESLs, easy to operate, convenient and durable; fit the installation requirements of various shelves.

Ice stick
Ice stick
Protective Shell
Protective Shell

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