Hanshow released its first sustainability report on Earth Day committing to reduce impacts on the environment through its products, operations and supply chain. The report highlights both progress the company has made in emissions and waste reduction along with a set of future goals including going carbon neutral by 2035.

As the meeting place of goods and consumers, reducing emissions and environmental impacts from the retail sector is crucial for reaching climate agreement targets. Digital solutions for retail are commonly seen to help reduce waste from paper price labels and inefficient operating systems.



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Hanshow’s new report shows that the benefits to retailer sustainability go far beyond just reduced paper consumption. Energy use, transport, shipping, and waste recycling are all addressed through digitalization and the products and services provided by Hanshow.

“Hanshow’s digital solutions allow for businesses to be more efficient, profitable, and sustainable. By making sustainability a priority from the supply chain to product shipment to the product lifecycle to recycling, Hanshow addresses reducing the environmental impact of its business through the entirety of its operations,” noted Hanshow CEO Shiguo Hou.

The sustainability report shows how Hanshow solutions help businesses reduce their energy use from adopting a SaaS cloud management approach. Electronic shelf labels can also help businesses reduce food waste through dynamic pricing. Hanshow has further plans to make electronic shelf labels from recycled plastic and solar powered commercially available in the next two years.

Hanshow is also taking significant steps reduce its own impacts. The highlight of the report is the company’s announcement to go carbon neutral by 2035. The first step in that long process will be to calculate its current emissions, which the company will complete in the next two years.

More sustainability initiatives will follow as Hanshow increases cooperation with its ePaper supplier E Ink, already an industry leader in sustainable technology and ESG reporting.

Shiguo Hou added “adopting sustainable initiatives actually helps us reduce our costs in many cases. I’m confident we can reach these targets listed in our first report, and we will set the bar higher each year until we reach carbon neutrality.”

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