Lumina Max

With vivid high-definition screen display, Lumina Max solution empowers the new retail business to preset item features, and promotion in a much better way

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Lumina Max

Lumina Max can be thought of as a versatile 55 inch TV screen that can be used for anything from important store announcements to menu offerings.


Unique Selling Points


Double Sided Screen

55 inch double sided screen powered by one microchip processor. Each screen can display its own unique content.


Ultra Slim Screen

Ultra slim design, only 2.4 cm thick for a 55 inch screen.


Screens arrive fully loaded with software and content players.


Content In Sync

Multiple screens can display synced content through Hanshow's integrated All Star platform.



Over 30,000-hour lifespan.

A solution to facilitate innovative marketing activities in the New Retail Scenarios. Composed of software, hardware, system and communication.

Benefits of Lumina Max to Clients

Efficiency and Profit Boosting for Stores.
Fast Updates

Easy content updates for all store screens through remote backend system.


Advertisement platform integration.

Dynamic Price Update

Serves as a dynamic, easily updated price board display.

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