Electronic paper price tags, also known as ePaper price tags, are a revolutionary digital display technology increasingly adopted by retailers around the world. An ePaper price tag is a flexible electronic display that looks and feels like paper but can change the image or text displayed through software control. An ePaper price tag consumes extremely low amounts of power as it retains images even when power is removed. This confers a notable advantage over traditional paper price tags that require manual replacement. As retailers strive to enhance operational efficiency, customer experience, and bottom lines, the ePaper price tag has emerged as a transformative smart retail solution.


ePaper Display Technology – Overview


ePaper display technology utilizes microcapsules filled with positively charged white colorant and negatively charged black colorant suspended in a liquid. When an electric field is applied, the colorant migrates to the top or bottom, allowing the text or images to be changed.


Unlike LCD screens, ePaper displays do not require constant refreshing and can hold images indefinitely without drawing power – this is known as the bi-stable characteristic of ePaper. Due to its ultra-low power usage, ePaper has become extremely popular for applications where low power consumption is essential, such as e-book readers, digital clocks/signage, and now electronic shelf labels in retail stores. The rapid improvements and falling costs of ePaper displays have made them the preferred solution for digital signage over traditional paper signs.


The Advantages of ePaper Price Tag in Retail Stores


The ePaper price tag technology provides a digital alternative to traditional paper shelf labels used in retail stores. These electronic displays offer retailers key benefits over static paper labels. The main advantages include:


Ultra-Low Power Consumption


Thanks to its bi-stable nature, the ePaper price tag only requires power for updating prices or information and not for maintaining displays like LED and LCD screens. This significantly reduces energy usage, lowering costs and environmental footprint for retailers.


Information Customization


An ePaper price tag allows for displaying any type of digital information or graphics beyond just prices. It can present bar codes, QR codes, logos, promotions, and more. This gives retailers unmatched flexibility to creatively market products directly on shelves.


Improved Efficiency


With the ePaper price tag technology, retailers no longer need to manually print and replace paper shelf tags for each price change. Price updates can now happen remotely in real-time from any location, saving huge labor costs and boosting staff productivity. Errors from manual labeling are also eliminated, hence improving pricing accuracy.

Hanshow Provides Dependable Smart Retail Solutions


Hanshow develops reliable digital solutions to help global retailers thrive in today’s challenging environment. As a pioneer in electronic shelf label (ESL) technology since 2011, our brand provides a comprehensive portfolio of advanced smart retail solutions and cloud services used by over half of top retailers worldwide. Our dependable ESLs give retailers the tools required to deliver seamless shopping experiences, boost sales through personalized promotions, and optimize inventory costs through accurate data analytics.


Our key solutions in the electronic shelf label category include the Nebular, Stellar Pro, and Lumina Aqua. These solutions are known for their outstanding quality and functionality. The following aspects highlight the critical features of each:


  • Nebular is our top-of-the-line ESL featuring an industry-leading battery, a lifespan of up to 15 years, and an IP68-rated sturdy design.
  • Stellar Pro is known as a trusted ESL with advanced features, such as a 10-year lifespan and 7-color LED light signals.
  • Lumina Aqua revolutionizes perishables sections with its vivid full-color screen, completely transforming shelf branding and product presentation.


In addition to these digital price tags, we also specialize in AI shelf monitoring, self-checkout machines, digital signage, payment solutions, and the Hanshow IoT Cloud – a powerful backend platform that integrates all solutions.


Empower Your Business with Hanshow’s Digital Price Tag


ePaper price tag technology is revolutionizing the retail industry by enabling unprecedented operational efficiencies, cost savings, flexible marketing capabilities, and ultimately improved customer experiences. As demand for smart retail accelerates globally, digital price tag solutions will continue disrupting traditional paper shelf labels. At Hanshow, we are at the forefront of the development of innovative ePaper display technologies and integrated retail solutions to make sure that retailers benefit maximally from this digital transformation. Feel free to get in touch with us via our website to learn more about optimizing your store through smarter digital solutions.