New ink platform for electronic shelf labels provides Black, White, Red and Yellow in the same power-saving display, with higher resolution

[April 26, 2021] – Provider of world leading electronic shelf labels and digital retail solutions, Hanshow, announced today its adoption of a breakthrough, new ePaper display technology with four-color in its upcoming electronic shelf labels.

The new four-color E Ink Spectra™ 3100 is produced by E Ink, the long-time Hanshow partner, and was designed specifically for electronic shelf labels (ESL) and retail signage. As retail becomes increasingly automated, ESL tags and other digital retail solutions provide retailers with the benefits of system-wide pricing, labor-free updates, and clear price messaging to customers for an enhanced shopping experience. The adoption of these solutions also allows in store staff may be more productive by reallocating their time to engage with shoppers and to optimize service quality.

Since 2013, Hanshow ESLs have used the E Ink three-particle system, E Ink SpectraTM, enabling color – either red or yellow - in black and white ESL tags. The new four-particle electronic ink, E Ink SpectraTM 3100, is a major step forward in the technology, offering vibrant colors and rich content for in-store product displays.

“This breakthrough E Ink technology opens up a whole new range of display and marketing solutions for retailers,” notes Hanshow CEO and Chairman Hou Shiguo. “And when paired with Hanshow’s next-generation ESLs, the results will be stunning, giving retail a whole new edge.”

Hanshow is committed to improving retail sustainability and waste reduction through its agile and efficient digital retail solutions. The company also recently joined the ePaper Industry Alliance, founded in part by E Ink, to better advance this paperless technology into more sectors and promote the circular economy. ESLs already eliminate the resource intensive use of disposable paper labels in retail stores and as their adoption by retailers has skyrocketed, the need for improved efficiency E-Paper is in high-demand.

In addition to the new colors and display resolution, SpectraTM 3100 has an improved update time and an expanded temperature range for red and yellow states, allowing for the ESL tags to operate in various store environments.

Johnson Lee, CEO of E Ink says “E Ink believes in strong relationships with our ecosystem partners so we can bring the best electronic shelf labels and signage solutions to retail markets. Our next generation E Ink Spectra provides a significant improvement by incorporating four of the most commonly used colors in the retail industry and by bringing higher resolution to these tags and other signage.” For more information on Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels and digital retail solutions, please visit visit