From September 19th to 21st in Las Vegas, Hanshow reinforced its dedication to establishing a strong presence in the North American grocery market. The company showcased its cutting-edge Digital Retail solutions to a significant audience within the retail grocery industry at GroceryShop 2023. This event serves as the foremost platform for industry professionals and thought leaders to delve into emerging trends and discover fresh opportunities within the grocery sector.


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As a global leader in Digital Retail innovation, this year Hanshow introduced distinctive technology solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency, engage customers, and drive business growth for some of the world's largest food and grocery retailers in North America.


Hanshow's range of multi-color Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), in-store marketing solutions, and AI offerings offered attendees at Groceryshop 2023 a chance to explore the operational and sustainability benefits of Hanshow's Digital Retail solutions in-depth. The booth presentation by Hanshow showcased innovative opportunities for advancing technology in grocery environments, within a gathering of over 150 participating companies and thousands of visitors.


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“We are delighted to be part of Groceryshop 2023, which brings together industry leaders and innovators. Hanshow looks forward to showcasing our latest advancements and demonstrating how our smart retail solutions can empower retailers to achieve omnichannel operations and create exceptional digital retail experiences,” said Liangyan Li, SVP, and Head of Global Sales at Hanshow.


Hanshow's ESL solution, featuring the HiLPC wireless communication protocol, significantly enhances access point efficiency and facilitates rapid updates of product prices and information. This is particularly advantageous for industries with demanding requirements for spatial mobility and information synchronization, such as retail and grocery logistics, where it supports roaming and real-time updates at a rate exceeding 60,000 per hour. Moreover, with a remarkable battery life of over 10 years, Hanshow's ESL solution not only delivers exceptional sustainability but also offers superior value to retail grocers.


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Hanshow's in-store marketing solution, including the Lumina Aqua series, exemplifies the future of shelf space marketing by enabling targeted promotions and product information displays. This approach nurtures customer loyalty and enhances convenience, reflecting the company's commitment to delivering innovative solutions to retailers.


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Hanshow's primary focus in North America is to foster a seamless integration of online and offline channels, creating a dynamic omnichannel shopping experience. This integration is crucial in meeting the evolving expectations of modern consumers who seek convenience, flexibility, and consistency throughout their shopping journey. Hanshow equips retailers with the necessary tools to synchronize pricing, promotions, and inventory management, ensuring a cohesive omnichannel experience within the grocery industry.


With a strong desire to expand its partnerships in the North American grocery market, Hanshow has plans to introduce more customized applications of its Digital Retail solutions in the upcoming weeks and months, further enhancing the retail landscape.