As the global economy recovers from supply chain disruptions and the slowdown of consumer spending due to high inflation and recession risks, retailers are eager to explore how new technologies like Web3, AI, data analytics, and automation can help optimize their operations and better serve their customers. The integration of these tools with mobile e-commerce and physical stores presents both challenges and opportunities for retailers. Success in navigating this integration is critical for remaining competitive in the digital age.


Lumina Edge LCD electronic shelf label at the NRF2023 event on Hanshow booth.


Studies indicate that 90% of consumers view technology as a key factor in their shopping and purchasing decisions, with a focus on streamlined and seamless checkout experiences. To meet these demands, retailers are investing in technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. This recognition of the importance of technology improvements is crucial for retailers to survive and thrive in the market.

In response, Hanshow is bringing its innovative solutions to markets around the world to deliver the digital transformation for both retailers and consumers.

January’s New Product Launch Showcases Hanshow’s Commitment to Innovation 


The NRF Retail Big Show, held annually in New York City, is a major gathering for retail professionals from around the world, offering insights into the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in the retail industry.

On the first day of the event, Hanshow made a big impact with the launch of its next-generation communication protocol. This upgraded protocol enables batch, timed, and synchronized task updates in stores with millisecond-level error control and enables precise timing synchronization online and offline, including dynamic price changes and product tracking, which significantly enhances store operations. Hanshow also unveiled a new four-color Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) product that offers more dynamic and diverse displays.


Lumina Edge LCD price label can display promotional and rich information about products on shelf.


By integrating Hanshow's ESL solutions with other Omni channel retail tools, retailers can offer personalized shopping experiences, such as targeted marketing campaigns and purchase-based recommendations, leading to a smooth and seamless Omni channel retail experience.

Empowering Sustainable and Cost-Effective Digital Retail


Hanshow's ESL solutions are an essential investment for retailers seeking effective technological transformation of their stores. One of the key benefits is the immediate increase in productivity that can be achieved. ESLs greatly reduce the risk of human error, ensuring that prices are accurate and up to date at all times. ESLs can also provide customers with more detailed product information, such as nutritional facts and special promotions, which can drive sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the greatest value of ESLs is their long-term cost-effectiveness. By eliminating paper labels, printing costs, and labor costs associated with changing prices, ESLs can significantly reduce overall costs. Beyond increasing efficiency and cost savings, Hanshow is committed to designing and implementing environmentally sustainable digital solutions. The company aims to reduce the environmental impact caused by its products, operations, and supply chain and has developed a comprehensive carbon reduction plan to achieve this goal by 2035.


Hanshow's Lumina Aqua LCD grocery store price labels.


Streamlining the Digital Retail Experience: Hanshow's Integration of Frictionless Solutions for Store Management, Promotions, and Customer Experience


In today's world, over 93% of shopping journeys begin online, with 55% of customers checking for products online before going to a physical store. Retailers must adopt inventory management systems, mobile apps, and social media to interact with customers through multiple channels.


Stellar Pro ESL at the  NRF2023 event.


To cater to customers' preferences, solutions should be designed for mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and convenience. Different payment options should be offered, including mobile wallets, in-store payments, and online payments, ensuring seamless transactions across all channels. Personalization is another critical demand in the Omni channel era.

Hanshow's data-focused solutions can integrate with retailers' inventory management systems, providing real-time updates on product availability either in-store or online, empowering customers to make informed decisions. Based on AI, IoT, and big data, Hanshow's comprehensive business consists of ESL integrated with in-store marketing and AI solutions, IoT smart terminals, and self-developed system platforms. This approach enables customers across various industries to enhance operational efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Hanshow's solutions can be integrated with retailers' customer service channels, allowing customers to initiate a conversation or purchase on one channel and continue on another, providing them with assistance or enabling them to complete a transaction across multiple channels.

Hanshow's Plan for Growth: Expanding Global Market Reach and Partnerships with Digital Price Tag


electronic shelf labels for DIY store application scenarios.


Hanshow has been striving to establish international strategic partnerships, providing clients worldwide with exceptional service and upholding the highest levels of integrity. The company's business journey has been one of constant acceleration, with digital price labels that are continuously evolving to refine their appearance, function, and application by integrating new concepts, such as temperature detectors and adaptable DIY applications. Going forward, we will enhance our collaboration with the world's leading technology and platform companies to jointly develop more efficient and tailored digital solutions for retailers.

Hanshow temperature detector ESL product.