Despite the pandemic, we never stopped going towards its dream – transforming intelligent retail. With expansion into new markets, we formed new partnerships, released new products and solutions. Another year of phenomenal growth helped set up Hanshow for sustained success and expansion in the global retail industry, providing our clients with solutions to improve their businesses.

There were many things we are thankful for in 2021, especially the support and trust from all our partners. Here’s a round-up of the stories from Hanshow this year that we’re most proud of.

10. New AI solution developed in partnership with Sony and Microsoft

Stationary camera system slashes times for out-of-stock while monitoring customer traffic flows and planogram management.

9. Hanshow products take home 4 Good Design Awards and 4 iF Design Awards

Global awards recognize Hanshow products for their precise and transformative designs.

8. Reducing shipment packaging by over 20%

Safely delivering electronics across the world requires careful packaging, but new techniques developed by Hanshow have reduced the materials used by over 20%, resulting in significantly less waste.

7. Expansion beyond retail with Smart Office Solution

Hanshow hardware is now being used in offices and other facilities and will be included in PwC’s smart office solution.

6. Hanshow AI solution debuts at Aeon stores in Japan

Hanshow’s AI powered in-store marketing solution delivering customized and targeted advertising for Aeon’s new Aeon Style stores.

5. New global subsidiaries established

Hanshow set up three new global subsidiaries in 2021 in Australia, New Zealand and the US, and a new office in New York.

4. Hanshow launches new Lumina X2

One of the more unique products on the market just became even more efficient and attractive with the new doubled-sided screen Lumina X2.

3. 16 mil and counting ESL being managed under a SaaS

A major technology breakthrough allows a massive store network to manage 16 million ESL through one remote cloud system.

2. Hanshow and Microsoft make partnership official

The two companies agreed to a strategic partnership on a range of initiatives from tech development to global sales.

1. Hanshow making lives more meaningful while repairing products in France

Hanshow began partnering with local group ESAT in France to repair and recycle damaged products with the help of ESAT’s staff of people with disabilities.

About Hanshow

Hanshow is a global leader in developing and manufacturing electronic shelf labels and digital store solutions. As an innovation leader in the industry, Hanshow is dedicated to offering its global customers a series of world-class customized IoT touchpoints and digital store solutions. Hanshow’s intelligence-enabled platforms and systems deliver customer-centric insights, helping retailers streamline operations and providing various solutions to support optimal pricing strategies to offer consumers a more personalized experience. Hanshow currently serves over 20,000 stores in more than 50 countries.

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