On Nov. 7-9th, 2019, the 21st China Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP 2019) made a grand opening in Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition, Shandong.

The exhibition covers a total area of 130,000 square meters, with nearly 1,000 exhibitors. With the theme of “retail trends in the next year and the next decade”, it brings together elite retailers, FMCG companiesand service providers worldwide to share and exchange retail practices. Hanshow Technology, as a global leading provider of smart store solutions, debuted at the conference.

Full-scenario digitalization, infinite future

On the afternoon of Nov. 7th, Hanshow held the joint new product launch event “full-scenario digitalization, infinite future”. Together with HARB Data and SUPERHI Technology, it released a number of smart store solution applications, facilitated the building of digital retail ecosystems, and jointly promoted the innovation and development of the retail industry.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Wang Hongtao, Deputy Secretary General of China Chain Store & Franchise Association, delivered a speech in praise of Hanshow’s continuous breakthroughs in the digitalization solutions for retailers worldwide, and solutions to the pain points of customers.

In addition, Mr. Wang Hongtao expressed his recognition of the joint event co-chaired by Hanshow, HARB and SUPERHI since it showed the cohesion of retail technology enterprises and the continuous progress made by whom. He also hoped more retailers and service providers could build ecosystem for digitalization of retail together in the future.

Enabling intelligent store, digitizing new retail

On the exhibition site, Hanshow built a experiential digital store, demonstrated multiple smart store solutions and interacted with the audience on site.

Joint exhibition area with E Ink
Digital signage interactive exhibition area
Interactive experience in a smart store
ESL solution

As the SKU level intelligent hardware in the store, Hanshow ESL Solution simplifies the price management process in stores, connects online and offline data in real time and enables stores to have the digital management of commodity on SKU level. Benefited from the two-way connection of data, ESL becomes the entrance of offline traffic.

Digital marketing solution

Hanshow’s digital marketing solutions integrate commercial displays, software and information transmission system, and realize interactive advertising and omni-channel precision marketing in stores through the full-coverage of customers’ shopping journey, i.e. “foot traffic to stores – shopping in stores – checking out”. By increasing digital marketing touch points in stores toreach customers via multiple channels, and build connections with customers and delivers individualized marketing.

Digital shelf solution

Digital shelves are the foundation of store digitalization. Combining AI system, ESL, sensor and other software and hardware, by digitalizing the smallest operational business unit in stores, it can realize the applications of out-of-stock monitoring, intelligent pricing and traffic insight to create a closed-loop business.

Self-service checkout solution

The intelligent shopping cart solution covers the whole shopping process. Via user identification, marketing launch, scan & go, self-service checkout and route navigation, it enhances customer shopping experience, improves store management efficiency and realizes accessibility to, insight into, operation and serviceability of offline consumers.


Hanshow won the “CHINASHOP Golden Wing Award for data-driven marketing”

In the winning case, Hanshow built a digital store by the application of its smart store solutions; realized the process, information and digitalization of people, goods and scenarios. It also used data model in the design of digital marketing means to link customers, to analyze and predict the data of consumer behaviors, and form a series of targeted and organized consumer marketing cases so as to stimulate consumer demands and achieve sales targets.

Exhibition highlights

On the exhibition site, Hanshow’s booth was quite popular among audience.

During the CHINASHOP, Hanshow invited many well-known retailers from France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Russia and Japan to experience the positive impact of the rapid development of new retail in China as well as the application of innovative technologies.

By Nov. 9th, CHINASHOP 2019 – the 21st China Retail Trade Fair successfully concluded. Building a digital experiential store on site and making perfect demonstrations of full-scenario smart store solutions, Hanshow, as a global leading provider of smart store solutions, deeply impressed the audience. “ESL is not only for price change, and Hanshow offers more than ESL”!

Today, Hanshow serves over 10,000 stores in more than 50 countries and regions with its smart store solutions. In the future, Hanshow will continue working with retailers and service providers in multiple areas to build digital ecosystem and jointly promote the innovation and development of retail industry!

Hanshow, enabling intelligent stores and digitizing new retail!