Shanghai Library East Hall opened to the public in September 2022. The largest single-building library in China, the library above has a total building area of 115000 square meters. Its completion also marks a new landmark and cultural destination landmark in Shanghai. Inside nearly 10,000 Hanshow electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are installed reading area on the third floor and some areas on the first floor, replacing traditional paper card catalogs.



Source:Visual China

These reflection-less ESL catalog cards display complicated numbers and corresponding book barcodes clearly the soft light of the library, helping readers and librarians find the location of books more quickly and easily.



Hanshow's ESL Solution in Shanghai Library


To help librarians update catalog information so readers can always easily find the books they are looking for, Hanshow’s ESLs are integrated with the library system which can quickly update all card catalog display information from the backend, providing staff with more efficient and convenient catalog management. In the future, Hanshow ESLs can also be further integrated with the intelligent management system in the library to retrieve books faster through lighted guidance functions.




With Hanshow, Shanghai Library East is not only a work of art and a home to knowledge but is also revolutionizing how people experience a library. Hanshow has never strayed from its mission and commitment to innovation and exploration. From digital store solutions in the retail industry to smart office solutions that combine software and hardware such as electronic table cards and electronic workstation cards, as well as digital solutions in catering, logistics, manufacturing, medical and other industries, to today's cultural industry, Hanshow will continue to provide customers with digital empowerment, create optimized experience scenes in the digital era, and help customers explore new opportunities.