On December 27, Hanshow once again brought a new smart office industry product to the market - the electronic conference table card Nebular Max-730. Through innovative and green technology, Hanshow continues to lead in the smart office sector, creating a smart and efficient conference experience, and further moving towards the goal of becoming the global leading digital solution provider.


Hanshow Smart Electronic Conference Card Nebular Max-730

 Hanshow Smart Electronic Conference Card Nebular Max-730


The ultra-slim body and minimalist design, taking up less desktop space


Unlike most square and slightly rigid models on the market, the Hanshow electronic conference table brand Nebular Max-730 adopts an ultra-thin design. The 6.2mm body matches the arc edge aesthetics, making the body lines of the product smoother and more beautiful. The narrow frame design means the screen accounts for nearly 90% of the product surface, creating an excellent screen display experience.


In addition, the capsule base designed with the product body is extremely simple and compact, which minimizes the desktop space. The lens-free design ensures there will be no reflective distortion when viewing and shooting from multiple angles. At the same time, it further improves the visual effect of the product, showing the perfect combination of scientific and technological sense and exquisite and elegant artistic feel.


Easy and convenient operation, suitable for multiple scenarios


The Hanshow electronic conference table card Nebular Max-730 is easy and convenient to operate, and can be used in various conference scenarios. For small and medium-sized meetings, the Hanshow electronic conference table card can be operated by one button through a mobile phone app, ensuring convenience and speed to complete the synchronization and upload of meeting information. For large forums and conferences, Hanshow electronic conference table cards can be flexibly integrated with the conference system. It supports one key import and update of batch information


In addition to rapid updating and flexible deployment integration, Hanshow electronic conference table cards also provide rich and differentiated template options. The template types cover various forms and scales of meetings, reception, and other scenarios. It can quickly respond to last-minute meeting needs without messy wiring, helping customers greatly improve office and meeting efficiency.


Innovative, interactive design unleashes office meeting productivity


In addition to the improvement and optimization of performance and functions, Hanshow electronic conference table cards have also added a more user-friendly user interface model. The electronic conference table board has added LED lights and keyboard operation functions. The most direct and commonly used key functions can be realized more easily, providing more convenience for participants.


At the same time, Hanshow Electronic Conference Table Nebular Max-730 is equipped with a 7.3-inch color electronic ink screen, which supports black, white, red, and yellow multi-color display. “Electronic ink paper” features flicker free, blue light free, comfortable eye protection and other experiences. It has a 178° wide angle view and can also clearly display the information in every corner of the conference room. At the same time, the product also supports double-sided display, which can widely meet the needs of most meetings and reception scenarios.


Hanshow's smart office solutions add "new members" to help the industry achieve paperless and low-carbon office goals


The launch of the electronic conference table brand Nebular Max-730 adds another "new member" to Hanshow's smart office solution. In view of the problems such as the fragmentation of multiple office equipment, unsynchronized information, and the difficulty of collaborative office work in today's online and offline office mode, Hanshow Smart Office Solutions can effectively use the intelligent terminal equipment of the Internet of Things to connect multiple work scenarios and interact, effectively simplify the operation process, and achieve efficient collaborative office work.


Hanshow Smart Office Solutions

 Hanshow Smart Office Solutions


At the same time, Hanshow intelligent office solutions can also greatly reduce the consumption of paper materials and save office costs. Taking this Hanshow electronic conference table card as an example, the electronic ink screen supports the static display mode with zero energy consumption, making the service life of the electronic conference table card up to 2 years. Green technology, low energy consumption, and long-lasting durability perfectly help the industry achieve the new goal of paperless sustainable development.