In April 2023, as a global partner of Cisco, Hanshow was invited to participate in the Cisco Greater China Partner Conference for the 2023 fiscal year. Hanshow provides customers with more innovative and streamlined solutions in the field of IoT applications for smart retail.




The theme of this year’s conference was "Let’s Own it", aiming to provide a platform for in-depth communication and sharing insightful information for Cisco's partners. Through this conference, Cisco and its partners explore the challenges and opportunities of digitalization and sustainable development, and work together to build a more intelligent, efficient, and high-quality business ecosystem.


At the conference, Michael Wang, Sales Director of Enterprise Networking Business, Cisco Greater China Region, introduced the integration of Hanshow's USB Dongle with Cisco's wireless access point to optimize the implementation of the digital store solution for smart retail IoT applications. This integration simplifies the deployment process, reduces deployment costs, and further improves the efficiency of retail store digital upgrades. Currently, the integrated digital store solution from Hanshow and Cisco has been deployed in some retail stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, receiving positive feedback from customers.




Integrating Hanshow’s electronic shelf labels with a USB interface for power supply and data transmission reduces deployment costs and integration efforts, making it a perfect fit for store networks that require both "stable high-speed" and "green energy-saving" solutions. Additionally, containerized deployment and contactless push deployment and updates have made user application management and related tasks simpler. This solves the tedious challenges that retail stores face when deploying equipment during digital transformation and improves the store's application management process.


Integrated Solution of Hanshow Dongle and Cisco Wireless Access Point


Integrated Solution of Hanshow Dongle and Cisco Wireless Access Point


Michael Wang, Sales Director of Enterprise Networking Business, Cisco Greater China Region, stated: "Cisco Meraki Wireless and Catalyst Wireless are globally-renowned and widely recognized wireless solutions that have been selected by numerous retail industry customers worldwide due to their rapidly automated deployment, exceptional enterprise-level stability, and intelligent management features. The collaboration between Cisco and Hanshow in integrating smart retail IoT solutions empowers retail customers to achieve more business innovation and rapid growth. Cisco plans to integrate with Hanshow on more wireless products to provide global retail industry customers with leading integrated solutions and sustainable development support."


"By combining Hanshow's IoT products with Cisco's wireless access points, we can provide retailers with a digital store solution that is faster, more efficient, and provides a better experience," said Liangyan Li SVP, Head of Global Sales, Hanshow. "We look forward to working with Cisco to jointly explore global markets and continue to provide end customers with better digital experiences."




During the 2023 Cisco Greater China Partner Conference, retailers learned how they can easily simplify their store price management processes and achieve real-time online and offline data connectivity. Hanshow’s All-Star management platform allows for seamless integration and management of more than 10 million electronic shelf labels, enabling accurate synchronization of price changes, light flashing, and other functions more efficiently and sustainably. It improves store operation efficiency and provides excellent digital experiences for retailers.


Attendees experienced the Hanshow electronic shelf label solution on-site

Attendees experienced the Hanshow electronic shelf label solution on-site

As a global leader in digital store solutions, Hanshow will continue to integrate internal and external resources and innovation capabilities. We hope to collaborate with outstanding partners in different industries and fields to jointly build the digital retail ecosystem. Together, we can promote technological innovation, optimize solution products, and use innovative green technology to create greater business value for our customers.