Hanshow, a global leader in digital and sustainable retail technology, is excited to announce its inaugural participation in the Retail Technology Show 2023, marking a significant milestone in its presence in the UK retail market. The event takes place on 26-27 April 2023 at Olympia London and showcases the latest technological advancements in retail.

Under the theme "The Integration of Being Green & Digital," Hanshow showcases a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and digital solutions, such as electronic shelf labels for various retail scenarios, Temperature monitoring solution, in-store marketing solutions, and AI solutions. This year, Hanshow is demonstrating its commitment to a sustainable future with innovative digital technology support and helping retailers transition from traditional retail methods to a more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable digital approach.


RTS 2023 Collage


Seizing Opportunities in the Rapidly Digitalizing UK Retail Market

Hanshow sees the UK retail industry as a high-potential growth market. The rapid growth of retail digitalization in the UK presents significant potential for business development and growth of retail technology for Hanshow. With the potential to enhance the customer shopping experience, reduce waste in perishable goods, and optimize shelf management, the possibilities of Hanshow’s digital retail solutions here are endless.

For the UK market, the Retail Technology Show is seen as a must-attend event for retail professionals seeking to discover the latest technology solutions to enhance their business. As one of the UK's largest events dedicated to retail technology, over 8500+ retail professionals are attending the show from around the world. Hanshow's participation in the event underscores its commitment to expanding its presence in the UK and seizing opportunities in the rapidly digitalizing UK retail market.




Innovating Digital Retail Solutions for UK Retailers to Be Sustainable and Green

Hanshow’s electronic shelf label (ESL) solutions are recognized for their reliability, ease of use, and affordability. As of April 2023, Hanshow has managed more than 76 million electronic shelf labels through its SaaS systems. By relying on Microsoft's Azure platform, the application of Hanshow's SaaS system provides retailers with a better low-carbon management service. Microsoft Azure has been shown to improve energy efficiency and carbon reduction efficiency compared to local infrastructure solutions. By participating in the UK Retail Technology Show 2023, Hanshow aims to become a leading digital retail solutions provider in the UK market, catering to retailers who want to streamline their operations and enhance their customers' shopping experience.

With its cutting-edge technology and a strong focus on sustainability, Hanshow is well-positioned to help retailers enhance their operations and customer experiences with better coordination and consistency, unlocking new opportunities for retailers to thrive in the challenging UK retail market by embracing digital retail technology and sustainability through greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness, driving retail business growth and profitability in the long run, and reducing the impacts of its products, operations, and supply chain on the environment. Its green innovation efforts have earned the company CSR certification from EcoVadis, affirming its green commitment to providing energy-efficient and sustainable digital store solutions to its global customers.




Four-Color ESL and HiLPC Takes Center Stage at Retail Tech Show with Hanshow's Exhibition

Hanshow's participation at the UK Retail Technology Show offers a unique opportunity for retailers to witness its line of integrated digital retail solutions. The showcased solutions will demonstrate how retailers can transition from traditional methods to a more innovative and efficient digital approach. The main highlight of this year's presentation is the four-color ESL Nebular Pro series. It supports black, white, red, and yellow color displays in any combination, expanding the digital display possibilities for retailers. Nebular Pro’s updating and flashing speeds are significantly optimized compared with previous models, especially in conjunction with the new generation communication protocol, high-density low-power cellular network (HiLPC), developed by Hanshow.




HiLPC caters to retailers' needs for high-density smart device management, fast response speed, and reliable service, providing a more refined and professional digital management experience for retail stores. Moreover, Hanshow's HiLPC has been designed to improve update speed and performance optimization, resulting in energy efficiency improvements.

"We are excited to participate in the Retail Technology Show in the UK and introduce Hanshow's digital store solutions to the British market," said Liangyan Li SVP, Head of Global Sales, Hanshow. " We hope this time we will further empower UK retailers to innovate alongside us, providing consumers with better shopping experiences and promoting the digitalization and sustainable development of the UK retail industry"

For years, Hanshow has pursued continuous innovation based on customer needs and remained committed to enabling customers to achieve upgrading for better operational efficiency. The four-color ESL and new generation protocol directly achieve this by drastically reducing the energy supply and paper materials needed to operate a physical store. In the future, Hanshow will continue developing innovative digital technology, fully assist customers in digital upgrading, and create industry-leading and new sustainable digital experiences.