On January 15, 2023, National Retail Federation “Big Show” industry event took place in New York City. As the world's leading digital store solution provider, Hanshow’s exhibition showcased "Faster, Smarter, Better" with a series of solutions and innovative products.


As part of the event, Hanshow invited Mr. Jun Yamasaki, the Global Head of Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Lab (hereinafter referred to as "Microsoft Lab") and Mr. Yanai Shunsuke , the Senior Manager of System Solutions Business Division, Sony Semiconductor Solutions (hereinafter referred to as "Sony"), to visit its exhibition booth and have a further communication on Partner Enablement Program (PEP). The three partners held in-depth discussions to analyze the development of the retail industry and share PEP project achievements and explored the direction of future cooperation to further push forward the digital development of the retail industry.


In the course of the discussion, Hanshow’s Global Head of Sales Department, SVP, Liangyan Li delivered the first speech on Hanshow’s achievements made with Microsoft Lab and Sony since joining the PEP.


“The industry-leading technological advantages of Microsoft and Sony have accelerated the process of innovation and optimization of Hanshow AI solutions, allowing us to better advance with this rapidly changing digital era. In the future, Hanshow also hopes to work with more partners like Microsoft and Sony to develop more novel achievements to empower the industry, and jointly build a good ecological environment for sharing digital retail," said Li.


Photo of the Discussion with Microsoft & Sony


The PEP aims to recruit excellent local partners to jointly create innovative solutions in the field of computer vision and video analysis based on Microsoft Azure AI and IoT technologies and Sony's intelligent image sensor technology, so as to develop digital innovations in a sustainable manner.


By joining the PEP, Hanshow's AI retail solutions technology is embedded with Sony's cutting-edge imaging and sensing technology, as well as Microsoft's intelligent cloud technology and AI platform. It brings together a more intelligent, safe, and efficient AI camera solution for retailers, and allocates resources more effectively between the edge and the cloud to improve cost efficiency and power consumption efficiency, while at the same time excavating new opportunities for industry development.



AI Solution Display Photograph at NRF


In the retail industry, this AI solution integrated through Hanshow, Microsoft AI & IoT Insider Lab, and Sony can effectively monitor the shelf status and display layout, as well as monitor the flow of related data in real-time allowing for timely restocking alerts, simplify the operation and management of the store, further provide data support for store business optimization, and bring more valuable data insights.


At the same time, the AI solution supports edge computing and has the advantages of high reliability and high security, eliminating the privacy issues. Compared with less advanced systems, Hanshow AI now achieves 99.99% privacy protection while reducing the overall energy consumption. The device is light and portable, ready to use, saving space and related costs.


Digital transformation and retail industry upgrading are full of challenges, but as the inevitable future development trends they also create limitless opportunities. Facing this rapidly changing environment and era Hanshow will continue to invest in research and development in IoT, AI, big data, and other fields, work with more excellent partners to create intelligent products and high-quality solutions with innovative technologies, promote the development of the industry, and land the future of "Faster, Smarter, and Better".