Aeon will soon be opening its first “smart store” to the public at the Aeon Mall in Kawaguchi, Japan. As a centerpiece of the Aeon Mall, the new Aeon Style Kamaguchi smart store fully embraces retail digitization and AI technology through a range of features including digital marketing screens from Hanshow that allow for more customized and targeted consumer product marketing.

As a part of the digital marketing solution from Hanshow, the shelves at the new Aeon Style Kamaguchi smart store feature digital signage to display attractive product advertising and promotional information along with QR codes where customers can find even more detailed information.

These screens are also equipped with Hanshow’s AI Visight camera that collects information such the amount of time shoppers spend at certain areas or which products they show most interest in, all of which helps feedback data for better store planning. The camera can also detect a shopper’s relative age and other traits, and can trigger more targeted advertising promotions accordingly. Data collected from the AI cameras strictly adheres to data privacy regulations and no personal data is collected or stored. All Hanshow cloud-based solutions at the Aeon Syle Kamaguchi are powered by Microsoft Azure and meet rigorous third-party safety verification standards.

Meanwhile, as the pandemic lingers and retailers often struggle to attract people back into stores, Aeon hopes the dynamic displays on these screens can add something fresh and memorable to the shopping experience.

The Aeon Smart Store has installed 149 AI cameras across its interior. In addition to Hanshow’s digital marketing screens and their incorporated AI cameras, other areas of the store are also using AI cameras for preventing theft, better insights into shopper behavior, buying patterns and more. Insights from trial runs of this technology, for instance, showed AI data used in sandwich placement increased sales on a magnitude of 4 to 5 times.

The Smart Store is also incorporating AI into its pricing and discount systems that can adjust pricing based on factors like store sales figures, customer traffic, weather, and more. These systems are also being used to reduce food waste, while helping improve retail profitability through reduced operational costs and increased sales.

According to Li Liangyan, Senior Vice President of Hanshow, this partnership with Aeon is key for the company’s digital retail solutions business development in Japan. “Through this partnership we can analyze the real impacts on the shopping experience and retail efficiency from adopting digital retail solutions.” The Aeon Style Kamaguchi store will be providing insights on both to retailers for years to come.

Hanshow's digital marketing solution at the Aeon Style Kawaguchi. Photo source: (IT Media)
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