Hanshow Digital Store Solution, 
Bring Intelligence to Your Store!

Hanshow Digital Store Solutions, jointly, are customer-centric,by creating compelling ‘immersive’ interactions through which customers can experience physical sensations and feelings with different Hanshow digital touchpoints.

Value of Digital Store Solutions

Perks and benefits

Store Digitalization

Data collection and
   integration display to
   calculate store digitalization


Inclusive environment

Cost saving

 Data collection and
   management to lower labor costs;

 Economical, energy saving and
   environmentally friendly


Perks and benefits

Customer Experience

 Abundant and accurate
   commodity information
 Provide full value-added services
   based on LBS\NFC\APP 
 Enhance customer engagement
   and loyalty 

Perks and benefits

Management Optimization

 Optimize price-setting, display,
   picking, and other working processes
 Warranty, picking, sorting,
   and promotion notifications
 Check the transport, sold, inventory
   and displayed merchandise from your       smartphone at any time


Inclusive environment

Customized Marketing

 Real-time promotion, execute
   promotional campaigns on command
 Connect online and perform the
   customized marketing campaigns with ESLs


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