Digital Shelf Solution

Hanshow Digital Shelf Solution has various functions such as out-of-shelf monitoring, planogram monitoring, intelligent pricing and foot traffic tracking to help retailers and brands reach a vast, interested audience and can mean big opportunities for growth in business. 
Furthermore, display of digital signage on the shelf is the best way to attract shoppers to stop by the target shelf and prolong their dwell time which leads to higher conversion rates and new acquisition. Hanshow Digital Shelf enables the point of sale marketing and advertising with dynamic video and animation.


By enabling the retailer to get dynamic store operation status, 
our solution offers efficient tools to prove store operation performance, 
reduce operation costs and facilitate standardization of process in the following aspects:
Optimization of store spacing, category management, planogram, pricing, 
behavior analysis for customers and store associates.


Out of Shelf Management

Total loss of sales due to out of shelf could be up to trillions annually around the world. Empty shelves were encountered by many shoppers daily and thus, retailers and CPG firms need to ensure the shelf is always stocked with the correct product.


Hanshow Out of Shelf Detection Solution leverages image recognition and object detection technology using fixed cameras in the store to alert the store associates whenever a shelf is found to be empty. The store associate can get an instant alert along with the accurate description of the SKU missing from the shelf and the location of the shelf.

Planogram Management

Perks and benefits

Monitoring of high-volume of SKUs

Hanshow AI solution monitors and detects tens of thousands of products

Inclusive environment

Automatic production of store-specific planogram

Auto-ESL recognition, rapid planogram generation without manual intervention

Perks and benefits

Edge Computing Ability

AI camera supports edge computing, without compromising the privacy of shoppers’ personal data

Perks and benefits

Adaptive algorithm 

Hanshow AI algorithm delivers quick adaption based on the changes of SKUs on the shelf without  retraining 

Inclusive environment

High Accuracy of  recognition

By leveraging Hanshow ESL (Electronic Shelf label),   the detection accuracy is improved significantly

Perks and benefits

Easy to install and maintain

Hanshow AI system is easy to install and deploy, with low  maintenance cost 

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