Digital Payment Solution 

Hanshow provides brick and mortar stores with full-scenarios digital payment solution, which is an integrated part of Hanshow Digital Store Solution, and working together with Hanshow ESL Solution, Digital Marketing Solution, Digital Shelf Solution, to provide immersive and seamless shopping experience to consumers. 


Hanshow Digital Payment Solution enhances payment efficiency,reduces costs and improves security — on one digital platform. 

Self-service Checkout Solution

Hanshow Self-service Checkout Solution including self-service kiosk and Scan & Go enables the integration of various mobile payment options to reduce queuing time, enhance customer satisfaction, and save costs. Combination of payment solution and marketing system is able to maximize store floor space, while getting associates out from behind registers and into the store to assist customers and increases the efficiency of store management, and more importantly, to give customers a greater sense of control, privacy and convenience in their shopping experience.

Self-service Checkout Solution

Smart Trolley Solution

With the combination of various functionalities such as user identification, precision marketing information, Scan & Go, self-service checkout and route navigation, Hanshow Smart Trolley Solution reshapes retail customer engagement and the customer experience, and realizes accessibility to, insight into of offline consumers.

Smart Trolley Solution
  • HD high definition camera, face recognition
  • Intelligent recommendation, large screen interaction
  • Light weight, elegant design
  • More interactive, adapting to all types of retailing scenarios.


Perks and benefits

Precision marketing

Inclusive environment

Easy log-in with member ID

Perks and benefits

Trolley route tracking

Perks and benefits

Location based marketing

Inclusive environment

Item navigation function

shopping route analysis

Based on the RFID/NFC functions, shopping route analysis is feasible to provide valuable information for retailers to optimize the merchandising planning to offer customers right product at right place.

Use durable and easy-to-clean PPL plastic materials and the design can be customized for the purpose of promotional guidance.

Ensure the product information is effective while stimulating purchase.


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