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Retail's Place in the Digital World
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(Summary description)13-10-2021 <br> Online

Retail's Place in the Digital World

(Summary description)13-10-2021 <br>


The retail industry is seeing a digital transformation boom. The pandemic's impact on this sector has accelerated the level of digitalisation and automation due to the sudden need for contact-less service and digital solutions to keep businesses operating online during lockdowns. Many of these changes will be here to stay. 

Hanshow offers digital solutions that improve retail efficiency and profitability through electronic shelf labels, digital signage, in-store marketing and self-checkouts, as well as innovative ways of managing inventory, sales and anti-theft systems.  

If you are in the retail sector and are interested to understand the digital solutions available to streamline processes, join our panel of experts from Hanshow and Microsoft where they disucss trends in the global retail industry, what the future looks like for physical retail stores post-pandemic, and what solutions can be used today, and in the future. 

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