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Retailers’ Double Eleven Campaigns in China

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Retailers’ Double Eleven Campaigns in China

(Summary description)


Dec 1, 2020
Hanshow Retail Academy 

China’s Double 11 shopping festival has expanded from e-commerce platforms to all channels. As online and offline commerce blends, retailers launched a variety of powerful marketing campaigns to promote sales during the Double 11. It is reported that RT-mart’s (a major brick and mortar chain) online sales increased 64% compared to last year. Over 10 million customers visited Carrefour and the amount of its online orders reached 420% year-on-year growth. The total sales of Better Life (a regional supermarket chain with headquarter in Hunan Province) raised 10%, with its online sales reached a record high.

Compared with previous Double 11, the shopping festival has lasted longer this year. Retailers started their campaigns from late October and divided the whole festival into different stages. In addition, there were a good variety of marketing activities, including activities on O2O platform, in offline stores and omnichannel promotions. 


1. Multi-Stage Promotion

E-commerce platforms like Tmall and launched pre-sale on 21st Oct. At the same time, retailers started their promotion campaigns. Since this year Double 11 lasted longer, it was divided into different promo periods. In order to drive more visits/purchase and enhance customers’ stickiness, each period had its unique activities featuring different categories of products. 



Yonghui’s Double 11 campaign started from 23rd Oct, including three waves of promotions before 11th Nov. and the most important activity on 11th Nov. 
From 23rd Oct. to 31st Oct., customers could gain Double 11 coupons by playing games on line or in-store shopping. Then from 31st Oct to 10th Nov., Yonghui had pre-sale activities. There were also live-streaming, time-limited special offers between 1st Nov. and 10th Nov. Plus, Yonghui offered discounts and a gift for each order on 11th Nov.



Freshippo planned three waves of activities. During 21st Oct. and 1st Nov., there were four special promotions for different categories of products, including fruits and frozen food, meals and beverage, daily necessities and seafood and meat. After that, promotion campaigns of many brands started and Freshippo sent coupons for products of various brands. Then the final Double 11 campaign started from 6th Nov. before ending in 11th Nov. 


Freshippo’s campaign schedule for Double 11

Source: Kantar White Book of Double 11


2. O2O Platforms 

As customers are getting used to online shopping due to the pandemic, home delivery orders account for a higher percentage in the total sales of supermarkets. During the shopping spree, retailers organized various activities on O2O platforms. Customers could share the promotions to friends on social media and their friends then clicked into the link to help them win coupons. Retailers also use live streaming to promote sales.


  • Attracting new customers through social media sharing


》Yonghui Superstore 

From 9th Nov. to 11th Nov., customers could share Yonghui superstore’s activity to friends. The more people click into the link to help the sharer, the bigger the coupon.


Yonghui superstore’s coupons. There are three coupons: 10, 20 and 50 RMB, which requires 5, 15 and 25 friends’ help respectively 



In Freshippo APP, if customers share a particular product to three friends, they can get 50% off.


Freshippo APP’s coupon 


  • Live-streaming 

》RT-mart’s live-streaming during Double 11

On 11th Nov., CEOs of RT-mart’s five districts in China participated live-streaming and sent red packets of 1111RMB. 



South China RT mart's live stream           Wumart's live streaming poster

Source: Taobao App                           Source: Wumart Weibo account


》Better Life’s live-streaming 

On 7th, 8th and 11th Nov., Better Life’s chairman, CEO and supermarket GM participated live streaming, creating 300 million RMB sales. The sales of the most successful live streaming among the three achieved 126 million RMB. 260 thousand people watched this live streaming and it got 21.6 million likes. 


This year Wumart also utilized live streaming to promote sales. At 4 pm 10th Nov., Wumart started its first live streaming in Dmall during Double 11. Dmall offered same-day delivery to most customers and the rest could receive their goods the next day. There were 70 live streaming in Dmall. Through live streaming, home delivery order of Beijing Wumart rose 94% month on month and online order of Tianjin Wumart increased 257%. 


3. Promotion Campaign in Brick and Mortar Stores 

Promotion in stores was relatively direct, such as price reduction, buy one get one free, et. During the Double 11, supermarkets attracted customers by coupons and creative activities aiming to enhance their shopping experience. 



During 28th Oct. and 11th Nov., all customers who entered RT-marts nationwide could scan a QR code in store and receive a package of coupons worth 215 RMB.  


RT-mart’s in-store poster promoting the coupon


》Carrefour Empty Cart Competition  

Carrefour launched its first Empty Cart Competition in ten cities, attracting 20 thousand people. Contestants had 30 minutes to add products in their cart and they must include 10 selected goods. The total value of products must be less than 500 RMB. The one who had most products won the game and Carrefour sent all the products in cart to the winner. 

Contestants get ready for the competition 


4. Omnichannel Campaign 

Alongside activities on O2O platforms and stores, retailers also had omnichannel campaigns, including discount, online coupon for offline purchase and cross channel activities. Discount includes retailers’ own whole-store discount and discount on participating brands. 


  • Online and offline discount

RT-mart had 50% off promotion in both stores and online platforms. Customers enjoyed same discount in supermarkets and on platforms like RT-mart’s own app, Taoxianda, and 

Walmart’s cooperation with Dove
During the Double 11, Dove products in Walmart stores and online shops had a discount of 50 RMB if the value of order exceeded 119 RMB. Part of Dove products had 50% off. 


  • Online coupon for offline purchase

From 23rd and 25th Oct. and 6th and 8th Nov., customers who spent over 99 RMB in store could receive a 50 RMB online coupon. 


  • Cross channel cooperation 

During the Double 11(7th – 11th Nov.),if the total amount of purchase included the number “1”, such as 61 or 140, customers could get a free Youku VIP card for a month. (Youku is a video platform similar to Netflix)



In general, retailers’ activities during Double 11 were diversified this year and various promotions were designed to fit into different channels. On O2O platforms, retailers aimed at attracting new customers and converting traffic into sales increasingly through social media sharing and live streaming. In offline stores, retailers utilized various activities – price and non price - to draw customers. As to omnichannel promotions, it is noteworthy that retailers are more and more cooperating with supplier brands and other channels to attract more customers in this ever-changing, fiercely competitive retail landscape. 






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