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Hanshow has Been Awarded with 2020 International Design Excellence Award!

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Hanshow has Been Awarded with 2020 International Design Excellence Award!

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Congratulations! Hanshow has been announced as one of the 2020 International Design Excellence Award Finalist winners for its classic NOWA series electronic shelf labels, in commercial and industrial category. 


The International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) has been held for 40 years, and it is one of the longest running and most prestigious design awards programs in existence. The award was originally founded to recognize exceptional achievement in industrial design. And designers can submit industrial products, concepts, design strategies and branding in 19 various categories. It is an honor to win this award out of nearly 2000 entries, and we are so proud of our team, for their talents and hard-working involved in the design and generation of the products. 


IDEA recognizes products and services that encourage, inspire, and push our industry forward. The ultimate goal of the award is to honor great design that brings real benefit to users, clients, and society. The NOWA series electronic shelf labels echo with the criteria of the award. The design intended to emphasize functional value, and unify aesthetic value with user experience.  The classic NOWA product line aimed to bring sustainable design concept that convey a minimalist, elegant lifestyle to retail scenarios. 


About Nowa Series ESLs:


Every detail of NOWA Series ESL has been crafted carefully so that all design elements are unified, chic, modern and elegant.



The use of rounded frame and rounded corner lens design makes the product thinner.


The shape of ESLs adopts a tough rectangular design, which makes the product feels modular and simplified. The components can be flexibly adapted to each other, and can be switched and assembled according to application needs at any time.



Multifarious clips and stands make sure that NOWA Series ESLs are applicable for different shelves and surfaces. The multi-color E-ink paper allows vivid information visualization for any retail scenarios, offering a richer shopping experience for consumers.



In the future, Nowa series ESLs will continue to upgrade, together with other intelligent devices such as digital signage, AI camera, and sensors to empower Hanshow Smart Store Solutions, helping retailers and brands promote precise marketing and store digital transformation with more applicable scenarios that increase customer interaction and engagement.


About IDEA Award:

2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA), one of the longest running and most prestigious design awards programs in existence. Originally founded to recognize exceptional achievement in industrial design, the program has since grown to highlight design in many connected disciplines including design strategy, branding, digital interaction and so much more. Each year, thousands of entries are submitted by design teams across the globe, making IDEA one of the largest and most widely anticipated annual awards programs in the world.


IDEA set the benchmark for what a design award represents and has endured to become a career-defining catalyst for those talented enough to win.

International Design Excellence Awards Website:


About Hanshow:

Hanshow Technology Co., Ltd is a global leader in developing and manufacturing specializing in ESL and Digital Store Solutions. With continuous innovations for years, Hanshow is dedicated to offering global customers a series of world-class high quality and premium IoT digital touchpoints and Digital Store Solutions. Hanshow Intelligence-enabled platform and system deliver customer-centric insights, helping retailers tackle operation woes and providing various tools to support optimal pricing strategies, eventually, to offer consumers more personalized experience. So far, Hanshow serves over 13,000 stores in more than 50 countries and regions.


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