In-Store Marketing Solution

Hanshow In-Store Marketing Solution integrates display signage, software and information transmission system, and realizes interactive advertising and omni-channel precision marketing in stores throughout customers’ shopping journey, i.e. " foot traffic attraction to store – shopping in the store – check out". The additional digital marketing touchpoints are vital important to connect with customers. 

Hanshow In-Store Marketing Solution



  • Digital Signage
    (shelf type/floor type/standard type)
  • Android based
  • Sensor embedded 
Software System

Software System

  • Centralized deployment
  • Advertisement planning
  • Interactive marketing tool
  • Template market
Mobile Application

Mobile Application

  • Item binding with 
    handheld device
  • Template selecting
  • Device management

Make Your Marketing More Intelligent

Interactive Promotion

  • Touch screen interaction
  • AI interaction
  • Motion sensor interaction

Precision Marketing

  • Customer profiling
  • Location-based content display
  • Integration of different digital touchpoints

Smart advertisement

  • Automatic template operation
  • Automatic  content selection based on location and items
  • Demand-Side Platform(DSP) Integration

Customer Analysis

  • Customer route analysis
  • Customer behavior analysis

Solution Highlights

Versatile Sensor Accessories

  • AI camera
  • Light curtain sensor
  • Radar sensor

Precision Marketing

  • Powerful template market
  • Automatic distribution tasks
  • Interactive scenario for precision marketing

Convenience and Openness

  • Data sharing
  • Centralized management of vast amount of devices
  • Cross-platform 

Digital Signage

Digital Signage(shelf type)
Digital Signage(shelf type)
Digital Signage(standard type)
Digital Signage(standard type)
Digital Signage(floor type)
Digital Signage(floor type)

Features of Digital Signage

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