ViSight Camera

Monitor shelf status and sales volume through Hanshow's planogram camera solution


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ViSight Camera

Winner of the 2021 iF Design Awards, Hanshow’s ViSight camera features highly accurate detection capacity and edge computing. The camera conducts real-time display monitoring and product recognition while collecting and analyzing data. The fixed camera solution is suitable for those scenarios where the display status frequently changes and real-time detection of display problems is required.

ViSight Camera Product Highlights



Highly accurate product recognition by algorithm fusion of product and ESL information with accuracy rates of 95%.

Secured Data Transfer

Powerful edge computing minimizing data transfer security concerns.

High Detection

ViSight’s high detection accuracy allows for quick training and adaption for changing retail environments

easy installation

Easy installation with simple network configuration for low implementation and maintenance costs

Image Sensor

1 TB AI processor with hi-def 8M image sensor

dust and water resistance

IP67 dust and water resistance protection rating

Benefits of ViSight Camera to Retailers

Hanshow Award winning ViSight Camera, mounted at strategic locations around the store for stationary monitoring of shelves and customer traffic.

Powerful Detection

Detects product shortages, reducing loss of sales from these shortages.

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduces shelf monitoring labor costs.

Out of Stock

Reduces out of stock occurrences.

Proper Labeling

Recognizes products and ESL information to ensure products are placed properly with corresponding price label.


Ensures planogram compliance.

Real time Backend

Provides real time backend view of shelves for managers at both local and remote locations.

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