A Screen for In-Store Navigation, Advertising and Promotion Features, as well as Self-Checkout Payment directly through the Trolley.


Smart Trolley



Smart Trolley

The unassuming shopping cart is the ideal point to both optimize both retailer operations and the customer shopping experience.

Upgrading to
Smart Trolley Solutions

Where a traditional shopping cart serves only the function of helping customers transport goods from the shelves to the register,

Hanshow’s smart trolley features a built-in screen and a basket base scale that allows for easy self-checkout along with in-store navigation, targeted promotions and advertising, membership benefits, and other store information.

Benefits of Smart Trolley to Retailers

Loss Prevention

A built-in scale in the base of the cart detects when an item has not been scanned or doesn't match the product or quantity that was scanned. A red signal light flashes on the cart if items do not match, ensuring loss prevention for retailers.

Store Membership

The smart trolley's built-in screen allows targeted and direct promotion of store membership.

Product Recommendations

Customer login provides valuable insights and allows for more targeted advertising and promotions.


Self-checkout feature eliminates the need for inefficient manual registers

Communicate to devices

Communicates with ESL and other IoT devices to allow for targeted promotions

Product Search

Provides valuable data and insights on product searches and other customer behavior

Benefits of Smart Trolley to Customers

Hanshow Smart Trolley Solution reshapes retail customer engagement and the customer experience, and realizes accessibility to, insight into of offline consumers.

Search Function on cart screen helps obtain product availability and location.

Navigation Function provides picking route for shopping list items

Membership Deals promoted upon login

Personalized Promotions and Advertising

Product Scanning and Payment directly on cart. Can leave store with items directly from the shopping cart

In-store Location-Based Promotions according to nearby products

No need for waiting in long checkout lines

Built-in Phone Charger directly on the shopping cart

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